Monday, January 24, 2011

Rep. Terri Sewell is the only pro-life member of the Alabama Congressional Delegation

I must give credit when credit is due. Representative Terri Sewell (D. CD7) was the only member of the Alabama Congressional Delegation who voted against repealing the Affordable Health Care Act because of the harm it will do to children.

Maybe it's because she's a democratic woman she realizes the correlation between health and the quality of life.

Maybe it's because she's a democrat she wants her fellow Americans to have access to the same health care she and our other Congress Critters have.

Maybe it's because she cares more about children then she cares about the insurance companies.

According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, health reform will not only reduce the budget deficit in the next ten years by more than $100 billion, it also will ensure that an estimated 32 million Americans who are uninsured or under insured can get high quality, affordable health coverage they can rely on. Investing in our children's health is investing in America's future. When we help children grow and succeed, we are paving the way for our country's next generation of workers and leaders to fulfill the American Dream.

Just to be clear, this is what all of the Alabama Congressional Congress Critters except DEMOCRAT Terri Sewell voted to repeal, and for those of you who were mis-educated in the Alabama public school system repeal means TAKE AWAY.

Republicans voted to repeal the new law’s guarantee that children with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage, and to do away with new rules limiting insurance company premium hikes and requirements that they spend money on health care not CEO perks.

Republicans voted against children with terminal illnesses having access to compassionate end-of-life hospice care unless they agreed to forgo looking for a cure for their illness.

Republicans voted to allow insurers to resume the practice of charging co-payments for preventive health services, including essential well-baby and well-child visits, and vaccinations, creating financial disincentives for parents to get care for their children that keeps them healthy.

Republicans voted against children who are in foster care qualifying for Medicaid beyond age 18.

Republicans voted to repeal eliminating bureaucratic red tape and streamlining the enrollment processes for children who are already eligible but not enrolled in public health coverage.

Republicans are pro life my Donkey.

Representative Terri Sewell is pro life and pro health care, unlike the republicans who are pro life as long as it's in the womb, after that they don't give a rats donkey about a baby's quality of life.

Way to put the R in Represent, Representative Sewell.

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