Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What if the great state of Alabama treated public eduction like they treat the Alabama and Auburn football programs?

What if public education was funded like the football programs at the University of Alabama and Auburn University?

What if there were a public/private partnership (boosters) who made sure all of Alabama's public schools were world class learning institutions second to none?

What if the state of Alabama recruited the best and brightest teachers with proven results from all over the country?

What if the state of Alabama paid public school teachers,administrators and support personnel like they paid some football coaches and their staff and rewarded them based on merit/performance?

What if public school teachers/administrators were like college football coaches and judged students on their ability and not the color of their skin or their parents circumstance? Nick Saben and Gene Chizik don't care how poor a player is, or about skin color, they care about ability. They also don't use arbitrary quotas (except for their coaching staff but I digress).

Seriously, what if the state of Alabama were number 1 in public education and in college football? What if every child had equal access to a quality education regardless of race, gender, zip code or political party?

What a wonderful state it would be if the state of Alabama embraced public education like they embrace college football.

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