Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blame black parents for the sad,sorry state of public education in America

It's black parents fault their children attend crappy public schools. If they would get off their lazy behinds and volunteer at the school or attend PTA meeting they would have good schools in their neighborhoods. They wouldn't have to use fraud and deceit to enroll their children in good schools.

If black parents would just get involved they could hire the best Administrators, teachers and principals, instead they would rather whine and play the victim card.

It's black parents fault the schools in their neighborhood are underfunded and under staffed. It's black parents fault their children are more likely to go to prison than to college because they don't discipline them at home.

It's black parents fault their children can't read because they don't read to them at home. It's black parent's fault they aren't involved in their child's education. Yet when they get involved they are arrested,convicted and jailed for their involvement.

I guess it depends on what the definition of parental involvement IS.

I agree the lack of black parental involvement is responsible for the sad, sorry state of public education in America. Surprised? Pick your teeth up off the floor and read why it's imperative Black parents get involved politically.

The following is a Redeye blast from past that pertains to the present because it impacts the future. Click the link above for hyperlinks and to read the comments.
Please, Black Parents Get Involved.
by: Redeye
Fri Sep 11, 2009 at 18:28:05 PM CDT

Parental Involvement is the key. I don't just mean attending PTSA meetings or attending Parent Teacher Conferences, do that too, but become POLITICALLY INVOLVED. The POLITICALLY INVOLVED Parents gets the worm.
Gone are the days when all parents and guardians had to do to ensure their student had access to a quality education was work and pay taxes. Gone are the days when all parents had to do was go to PTSA meetings and Parent Teacher Conferences. Gone are the days when all parents had to was provide students with food, clothing, shelter and school supplies send them off to school and they would learn something.

It is imperative parents be politically involved because if they are not, school administrators and teachers think they don't care about their student. And if they think you don't care, they darn sure won't and don't care.

Attend School Board meetings. When school board elections come around get out and vote as if your child's educational future depends on it. Same thing if the school Superintendent
is elected. Once elected make an appointment and get to know them like you would your doctor, your lawyer and your pastor. Let them know you like they know their mother or father. Your student's educational opportunities are in their hands. They are the ones that hire and fire the teachers who will mold your students mind and shape their lives. This is very important.

If the recent controversy over President Obama's back to school address didn't convince you to get involved I don't know what will. Just because the Superintendent is black like you, and there is a black face on the school board does not mean your students best interest will advanced. The parents who organized and called their school board representative, the Superintendent, and school principals are the reason your student didn't get to view President Obama's back to school address. You pay taxes just like they do. The school board, the Superintendent and the Principals work for you just like they work for them. Your students have the same rights, but you must become POLITICALLY INVOLVED to protect those rights.

I am still outraged HCS teachers could "opt out" of watching the speech because the African American Superintendent wouldn't stand up to the right wing bullies and do what was right instead of what was political.

I'm still outraged students at one Alabama school were fighting, passing notes, talking and doing everything but watching President Obama's back to school address while the black teacher and the black Principal stood around talking about them knowing all the lyrics to rap songs. They better be glad my child didn't come home from school and tell me that foolishness was going on. There would have been hell to pay. Trust me.

Take a cue from the PACT Parents. They organized and became a united front complete with websites and tee shirts. Their concerns will be addressed because of it. Elected officials know these people VOTE. They know they are politically active and involved.

Those in charge think you don't care if you are not politically involved. They shrug and say there is little or no parental involvement, and offer that as an excuse for everything from low test scores, school closings, teacher hiring/firing to unruly school behavior. They aren't talking about PTSA meetings and parent conferences. They are talking about getting off your Donkey's and becoming POLITICALLY ACTIVE. You have to show them that you care just as much about your child as they care about theirs.

Don't have time now, but look for upcoming diaries on how to organize and become politically active in your child's education. If you already are politically active, I welcome and encourage your input.

Children are our future. Education is the hope of the republic.

Get involved!


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