Friday, February 11, 2011

Redeye's Week in Review~Alabama

Lock and load, cross hairs, empty the clip. Republicans are pro life,pro guns and anti health care. Go figure.

And how did the new and improved Alabama Democratic Party respond to gop hate? With a whimper. Snicker

If gay people go to redneck bars in Opelika, AL they get what they deserve. Gay people are twice as likely to be the victims of hate crimes than black people. Still can't understand why former AL Congress Critter Artur Davis voted against the Hate Crimes bill. Snark

Boss Hoggs Haley Barbour out, Gooberner heck of a job Brownie Bob Riley in.

Congress Critter Terri Sewell is hard at work. So is Congress Critter Mo Brooks. Psst! Where are the jobs?

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