Friday, February 18, 2011

Redeye's Week in Review

I spent most of the week in the right wing world trying to convince righty's the Huntsville Branch of the NAACP and concerned African American leaders are not threatening to dress up in white robes, light torches,get the ropes, rape white women, sell white children and force white men into slavery. Huntsville Times reporter Mark McCarter fired the shot heard around town, firing the opening salvo in the St. Valentines Massacre of Huntsville Madison County NAACP President Alice Sams. I mean,how dare them there uppity coloreds threaten the good white folks with legal action if they continue to operate a segregated school system? It's not the good white folks fault black parents don't care about their children's education. While the Civil War raged Huntsville City Schools Board members cut jobs and hired a consultant. Anyhoo,this is what happens when reporters interpret the news instead of reporting the news. They create
One thing I learned as a result of my unwelcome visit into their world, they can't handle the truth. They would RATHER believe a lie.

TeaPublican Governors are carrying out their marching orders to destroy unions and bring back slavery. But that's OK. Mission accomplished. They hoodwinked their base into voting against their self interest. A base that cares more about sending President Obama back to Kenya than they care about jobs, education, access to quality affordable health care, women's rights, civil rights and human rights. Teabaggers can dish out the violent revolution threats but they can't take violent threats.

Republicans are pro life only if it's a republican life. Democrats are on their own. Women, especially poor women of color were dealt a sucker punch from the white, male dominated gop congress. White,republican men don't want poor women to have access to a safe legal abortion or access to family planning, yet they claim them there baby making black women make babies just so the government can take care of them. I guess they want them to breed the next generation of slave labor.
The incarcerated have historically filled the dregs of the American workforce, an emblem of racial subjugation often invisible in the politics of labor and social policy.

Republicans love all war all the time.

The Republican Party has declared war on public servants in the United States the same way Middle East dictators have declared war on political dissidents. Members of the GOP like Scott Wilson, the governor of Wisconsin, want the people of Wisconsin to believe that the people who keep their communities safe, their houses from burning down, their kids educated and their trash picked up on time are nothing more than sniveling spoiled brats who should be thankful if they get to work for anything more than a dollar a day and a bowl of rice.

I told y'all folks don't let those Republicans get back in or it would be all bad. Do you hear me now?

I hear ya loud and clear.

"If you think Halloween is scary, don't vote on November 2nd and see how scary it will be"~Redeye

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