Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Open Letter to President Obama

Sharing an insightful open letter To President Obama from one of my young friends. Young voters like this writer are the reason President Obama won in 2008. They voted with HOPE for CHANGE they could believe in. Mr. Obama would be wise to listen and not let them down if he wants to win again in 2012.~Redeye

Dear Mr. President,

I have to give you credit for going yet again into the snake pit and attempting to have an intelligent conversation with an individual who doesn't understand the concept of gravity, lunar orbit, the tides, basic astronomy, or much of anything for that matter. He is one of the more sane "journalists" if we use Glenn Beck as the gauge of sanity. You truly have the patience of Job trying to be diplomatic with people who day and night gin up insane theories about you inciting the Egyptian revolt and installing the new leader along with the communists and the Muslim brotherhood, as if somehow you and the justice department can look in the crystal ball and know who will follow in Mubarak's footsteps. Every time you tried to explain those pesky things like facts, Billo wanted to take us back to land of make believe. It's almost as if Billo was suffering from ADHD from the fidgeting and shuffling, and the easy distractions. You would think the man was on coke. But coke would help a person with ADHD right? O’Reilly is vulgar, immature, and mentally disordered suffering from the mental fidgets. I swear his attention span only lasts no longer than 8 seconds. You just sat there with a smile on your face in amusement, if I could take a stroll in your mind...

I know that you are beginning your re election campaign and you have to get the paranoid fools that watch cluster fox back on the Obama express, but dude, they still think you are a Muslim hell bent on destroying America. Sarah Palin is still yapping her nonsense that you aren't handling Egypt properly and that the American people are calling the White House at 3am and they are getting the answering machine. She doesn't realize that we can't interfere in a sovereign countries revolt or the installation of their leader. Unless we want to get him killed or wage the region in further upheaval. But, she would have to have some knowledge of history, especially Middle Eastern history. Since she is such a Reagan lover, she would remember how he wanted to have peace and disarmament with the Soviet Union. This is person who thinks the soviets won the space race, so I don't expect too much...

If there could be a photo for propaganda in the dictionary, the Fox logo would be there in bold print. Apparently you, the Communists and the Muslim Brotherhood are setting up a Caliphate in the seat of evil in ancient Babylon. I hate that you didn't take Mr. Fair and Balanced to task for blatant lies, but I understand why you didn't. Billo's style is always ask ques. that seem neutral on it's face, but the ques. are loaded and in partisan code. If you aren't thrown by the ques. and start to give credible lucid, sane answers, he starts to try to throw off your flow with "yeah, yeah, I understand all that, all right, all right..." Kind of stupid to try that on a lawyer used to cross examining... I can see how if you are in the room with him or not a quick thinker this can be quite intimidating. Remaining calm, firm, and not letting him overpower you in your answers, which is clearly what you did is the best way to handle a bully like Billo the clown. The calmer you are, the angrier he gets and the dumber he sounds, which gives cluster fox the red meat fact less info. the viewers thrive on.

Will you get independents and tea baggers that watch fox to come back to reservation? I don't know...You have so much ignorance to counter act and so much of it launched from fox. You were diplomatic and as usual you extended the olive branch to a bunch of morons who understand nothing who are set about your destruction. We can only hope the misinformation stops if only people would read and stop getting info from Bachmann, Beck, Palin and Gingrich. Billo has claimed that this interview is the most watched in the history of the world...since he takes so much credence in the Bible, how could he possibly know what was the most watched in the history of the world or the amount of the population at any period of time for this to be the highest watched in the history of the world, ever. Bill later read some of his emails as is his custom, and one of his viewers complained that Bill was shilling for Obama, painting him as a moderate and giving him free advertising..HA HA. See, Bill inserted that email to justify his non-ideological spin because he knows how to play the game too. Bill responded with his patented answer that "The Factor Is not and never has been, an ideological program." "I ask the President questions, he responds and you decide. I don't engineer anything. No...He doesn't engineer anything. "Tiller the baby killer". "I'm going to let you go", "Pinhead or Patriot". Yeah...I see his point, it's not ideological.

Never forget Mr. President, The Gop/ Tea Baggers/ Fox/ Birch society/ Beck watchers see a witch in every tree and a communist/ Muslim everywhere (they don't know the difference), but you are the head of the communist / Muslims. They want you gone no matter what you do, no matter how great the economy is, even if you single handed cure cancer, aids, fix the environment, you will never be good enough. You will always be "radical and a socialist" which is absolutely absurd...Even though renewal of the patriot act is coming up, I bet money it will be extended from the people who are so afraid of our rights being taken away. You need to get the folks that's on board who doesn't drink grain alcohol out of a mason jar and doesn't worry about an imaginary "seat of evil" in Babylon and the caliphates, leave them behind. Let them go back to their world. Try not to give fox anymore credibility, this station is packed full of loons, fools, psycho's and pathological liars. It has more comedic value than comedy central. Just remember what you are dealing with every night, and try to break the hypnotic spell of propaganda idiocy that is fox news.


GrannyStandingforTruth said...

I agree with the letter and hope that whoever wrote it sent it to him.

Redeye said...

Me too.