Thursday, February 17, 2011

An open letter to John Boehner~corrected

You knew it was coming.. H/T MES

Dear Mr. Speaker,

Is the gavel to compensate for something? They say that men want large cars to compensate for a small phallus, Freud would say that your gavel would be an attempt to compensate for a lack of sexual prowess. You would have to in order to walk around looking like a goldfish and crying more than a virgin at a prison rodeo.

Where are the jobs? That's what you in your wonderful John Wayne cowboy charm told the mindless masses as you convinced them to vote against their interests. To once again, pull up to the picnic table for the fish fry along with Opie and Floyd and have a mint julep with the honey suckle on the veranda at Tara waiting for the vapors. Yes, we love to gasp and swoon for the vapors...You promised jobs, because the axis of evil, Obama, Pelosi and Reid was going on a shopping spree with the Nations credit card trying to get the nation out of the quagmire that the Duke of Hazard and his band of Merry Thugs got the country into.

Now, you decide it's a good idea to penalize federal employees and cut their jobs in your effort to trim the deficit. create jobs you cut jobs? How does that make logical sense? Aren't you a federal employee? So, couldn't you cut your job in your pathetic effort to cut the deficit? "So be it", is what you say. You remember how people were trying to compare Michelle Obama to Marie Antoinette because of a top she wore, even though she didn't make the "let them eat cake" statement? This is a let them eat cake statement if I ever heard one.

Maybe if you left the tanning alone, this is something you would know. Making more people unemployed will do what to the deficit? It will ADD to the deficit because these people will be filing unemployment insurance, along with people like me, who can't get a job. If they were making over $50k, what kind of job do you think they are going to get? Outside of a greedy corporate lobbyist, if they are in that field, but those people aren't going to be one's that's going to get screwed. It's going to be post office workers and other lowly people that no one thanks or cares about until election year.

30 days and what have you accomplished other than systematically attempt to repress women's reproductive rights and go back on your campaign promises. I thought you idiots said you were done with social issues.

Here is a tip, don't tell anyone, it's a secret: Don't start a pre-emptive war based on lies before you end the first war. That's really expensive. I don't recall anyone pissing and complaining about "spending" when the US government was outsourcing everything to Haliburton and Blackwater during the Bush retard years, but now the Nubian Sharia Law terrorist is in office, so now it's bad....They wasted billions of tax payer dollars, contractors sent to Iraq got $100k tax free. Sure, they ran the risk of being beheaded, but still it was tax free.

You are third in line to the presidency and I truly am fearful for the future. Every interview you give you can't even say that the President was born in America and he has a legitimate birth certificate. Any birther bill should automatically be tabled because you are a leader of a major party and not a group of lunatics. Or are you? I can understand your need to connect to your base, but some topics should really be mentally draining to a person over the age of 12.

Get a map explain that Hawaii is one of the 50 states in the union along with Alaska where caribou Barbie originated from. If Obama has to show his birth certificate yet again, then I need to see Palin's kindergarten, middle and high school graduation certificates. I'm not sure she can walk and chew gum at the same time...she's better suited for being a pop artist than a politician. Easy on the eyes, no talent, no substance, just a stylist and some makeup and a catch phrase. I don't see her dry humping a mic stand in a bathing suit with fringe singing off key, but maybe God will answer our prayers and get her off the political stage before she "refudiates" more historical facts.

Have fun when your limo breaks down in the potholes and there is no one to fix it on the broken down highways in Dept of Transportation, or no policeman when you get car jacked from the scores of unemployed that you decided to sacrifice for your political agenda. I hope your family doesn't get sick and need to use the ambulance, that goes back to my first point. They won't have "Obamacare" or should I say "Romneycare", they can have the hope and pray medical program. Where they pray to God and hope that he answers. You can have power outages because no one replaces the bulbs in the street lights and no one trims the trees...You get my gist.

We can use you for light, you practically glow in the dark.

It seems that Nancy Pelosi is more of a man and leader than you and to think she had a smaller gavel than you, and she never cries. Boner, I am going to send you a box Kleenex. Hopefully if you sit in a seat you will disappear.


Anonymous said...

Boehner, genius.

Dale Jackson said...

Whoops that was me. I don't use aliases or fake names, like you Edgra.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Dale...I wonder what purpose do you have to come on someone else's blog and try to "out" them. If "Edgra" wrote the post, which she didn't, what relevance does it have regarding the post? Secondly, can't you at least get the spelling of her name correctly since you like trying to put people on blast? Lastly, I applaud your bravery for going on the internet and using your "real name" and attempting to out people who may choose to use an alias for whatever reason. I hope they make a movie about your brave struggle, you are the digital Rosa Parks...

p.s. you should look at writing styles dear, and you could clearly see that "Edrga" didn't write that. Nice try Nancy Drew.

Dale Jackson said...

She wrote the headline. So I apologize for pointing that out.

Rebel Flower said... if she did write the headline how is that relevant to the article? Who cares? In your case, you need an alias to hide your stupidity. You know what they say, when you assume, you make an ass out of you. Sounds like a good alias for you...

Dale Jackson said...

None of that made any sense... try again.

Rebel Flower said...

Ok... you cant possibly be this stupid. It would be more intellectually stimulating and a better use of my time to pick my nose and see if I can reach my brain stem. Read slowly, and you'll get it. Reading comprehension is a beautiful thing. Anyone with an I.Q. over 12 should be able to understand what I'm saying.

I hope you don't reproduce...

Redeye said...

Rebel Flower,
DaleJackson can't ATTACK the message so he ATTACS the messenger. That's just what they do when the substance of their arguments fail.

Redeye said...

Typo, should read, DaleJackson can't attack the message so he ATTACKS the messenger.