Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Must Reads

The republiClowns are so NOT FUNNY.

Speaking of not funny republiClowns, I can only shake my head at Haley, Haley, Haley.

Ya know, I think a few Somali Americans should cut a few license plates with: MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD outlined in bright red letters, and ride through the streets of Mississippi.

I still don't understand the fear and loathing of black folks by white folks. It's not as if black folks have a documented history of doing stuff like this.

Wielding knives and guns, seven white men get out of the car, according to Taylor and witnesses from a state investigation of the case. One shoves Taylor in the backseat; the rest squeeze in after her and ride off. Her panicked friends run to tell the sheriff.

After parking in a deserted grove of pecan trees, the men order the young wife and mother out at gunpoint, shouting at her to undress. Six of them rape Taylor that night. Once finished, they drive her back to the road, ordering her out again before roaring off into the darkness.

Why do some white folks think they have the right to decide who black leaders should or should not be?

Watch Lawrence O'Donnell rip this republiClown a new one. Keith Olberman would have been proud.

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