Sunday, February 13, 2011

Redeye's Sunday Shorts

Are the American people skeered to protest like the Egyptian people? Unlike the second amendment loving TeaPublicans, the Egyptian people staged a peaceful,persistent, nonviolent protest and they WON.
U.S. corporate media coverage of the unfolding events in Egypt provide little or no window into the true social and political dynamics of the country – who the actual popular actors are in this history-shaking drama. The author describes the people and movements behind the revolt.

TeaPublicans aka CPAC celebrates Black History month with a minstrel show. They tell me they thought Rep. Allen West (TeaPublican token, FL) was one of the waiters. Snicker

West is one of only two black Republicans in the House.
"You endured the relentless and hostile attacks from the liberal left, such as being called racist," West told the conservative activists. "Perhaps they should see who is standing here as your keynote speaker."

How can you tell the good democrats from the ones who are just republicans wearing blue t-shirts? Well, reaching across the aisle and voting with the republicans (not to be confused with the TeaPublicans) is a sign. H/T gradyw

The modern gop is armed and dangerous. I'd be careful about working with them. BTW, how come democrats, or so called democrats, are always the ones reaching out to republicans?
Attempting to repeal insurance reform would be bad enough. Attempting draconian budget cuts during a halting recovery from a deep recession would be bad enough. Making fools of themselves by wasting time reading selections from the Constitution while doing absolutely nothing to create jobs would be bad enough. Launching a war on women would be bad enough. Whining about deficits while proposing policies that would actually increase them would be bad enough. The entire Republican approach of knowing nothing and doing nothing, unless it is to attempt a return to the prevailing values of the Thirteenth Century, is so corrupt and irresponsible that it would defy credulity, were we not already so accustomed to it as to take it for granted. But it's even worse.

Just because the media said the Gulf coast beaches are safe for swimming and the seafood is safe for human consumption in the aftermath of the BP oil spill doesn't mean it's true. Video
Incensed over BP ads claiming that the spilled oil is gone and the Gulf's beaches are clean, Hurricane Creekkeeper John Wathen of Alabama set out to document the truth.

Welcome to my world redux. Cops beat the Crap out of Rutgers student.
Imagine this. You are asleep in a basement apartment with your roommate. You are both Rutgers students. One of you is white, the other an Arab American, and you are both 19. One of you has a father who was a cop. Police in New Brunswick, NJ have a warrant for a different student living in a different apartment in the same building. You have no police record. You are not identified on the warrant. It's 4:30 in the morning. Guess what happened next:

Redeye tiptoeing away from the computer to go pray for our children and our country.

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