Sunday, March 24, 2013

Your Life. It's Short. Wear Your Passion.

I had an interesting but short exchange earlier today with a reader who vehemently disagrees that President Obama is a good person, worthy of emulation as a role model. (You may remember that I previously wrote about how President Obama is a good role model for us all).

As I explained to that reader, there are things that President Obama says or does with which I don't personally agree. But, I cut slack on several fronts: he's quite a bit smarter and better educated than I am; he has access to information that I don't; he's shrewd enough to get where he is - twice!

President Obama is a community organizer that studied that specialty so well that he has made the entire nation a community to be organized. And you know what? I agree with that. Democracy is not a spectator sport. There are "3,141 counties and county equivalents in the 50 States and the District of Columbia." Do YOU know your representative at the local level?

Does supporting President Obama mean I am an "Obamabot?" Of course not. I'm not some mindless robot who endorses our President's every position. But, I do believe that he makes informed, calculated decisions. And I believe he is a good man, leading our nation against an internal governmental insurgency by Republicans supported by corporatist lobbyists.

Why do I believe that? "Because we are united in our differences."

President Obama worked his passion. What's yours? Are you working it?

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