Sunday, January 25, 2015

From the Files of They Must Think we are Stoopid in AmeriBama

Condoleezza Rice faces bloody hands protester
An anti-war protester, with her hands painted a blood colour, confronts Condoleezza Rice

Please consider this official notice Alabama Media group must think We the Peeps are stuck on Stoopid. Therefore, I am changing the title from Stuck on Stoopid in AmeriBama, to, They  Must Think we are Stoopid in Ameribama, because every day there is something new.

The latest insult to our intelligence comes from's Charles Dean ,who, as commentator Fox says is either a knowledgeable muckraker who wrote this rice nonsense for clicks OR he is the dumbest individual to ever be published on this or any other website.

I vote for the later, because only a dumb individual, or someones who believes we are dumb would suggest Condoleeza Rice is a home-run hire  as the President of the University of Alabama while throwing her name out there for the following reasons:

She is an Alabama native - from Birmingham.
Translation:  She's black.
A university which once denied blacks the right to enroll, where George Wallace stood in the school house door to block black students from enrolling in 1963, would have hired its first African American president.
In a state that still struggles with race relations, that is still seen as a place where racial politics too often rule, Rice's hiring would be breathtaking.

She has been a professor and high-level administrator at Stanford, one of the nation's elite universities.

Again Fox Breaks it down:   If you want to understand how dishonest rice is, consider this: she was given and accepted tenure at Stanford and did not earn it.  That speaks volumes for her lack of character and integrity. People who had published and worked their entire careers in an effort to obtain tenure were passed over for rice who brought nothing in her career to merit the slightest consideration. NOTHING. Then as provost at Stanford she had the nerve to cause problems for the very faculty who had been passed over for tenure. I doubt you will be able to find a more divisive, disreputable, person than rice.

And then there was her time as Secretary of State and the National Security Advisor.
Should read:  And there was her time as Secretary of State and the National Security Advisor  before, and on 9/11, the date of the worst terrorist attack on American soil ever.

She is a Republican, an advantage when you turn to a Republican Congress and a Republican Legislature for federal and state dollars to benefit UA.
There's just one little problem with this meme, The President of the United States is a card carrying, Democrat who won twice and has a Veto Pin.  And is being a republican really something you want to brag about these days?

And, she is an avowed fan of Crimson Tide football. She even served on the first-ever national championship committee this fall, which put the first four teams in the first-ever national championship playoff. (Bama was one of the four, remember).
 And, we see how that turned out for Bama
 Now, I know some of you Democrats out there are not happy right now. But there are so few of you that I am going to move on.
Translation:  Democrats don't matter.  Psst Mr. Dean, I've got news for you, Democrats attend, graduate, and work for the University of Alabama too.  And, I'm pretty sure there are lots of  Democrats on the football, basketball, baseball, and track teams.  Sir.

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