Tuesday, August 15, 2017

"Violence from many sides" My Donkey #DeondreHarris #HeatherHeyer #Charlottesville

So the next time you see a poll that says tRump has a 36% approval rating and you wonder who they polled....think about this video.  

A savage attack on a counter-protester during Saturday’s violent “Unite the Right” rally in Virginia evoked memories of the ugliest days of the civil rights movement, an original Freedom Rider said Monday.
Among the victims of the Charlottesville violence was a local resident who joined his friends to demonstrate against the organizers of the white nationalist event in the city’s Emancipation Park.
Deandre Harris, 20, was attacked in a parking lot by a group of white supremacists who kicked him, punched him and pummeled him with metal poles.

The system is rigged and not in favor of We The Peeps.

Shock and Awe aren't coming....they are already here.

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