Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Psst! #DNC Chairman Tom Perez Please Let Our Party Go!

Tom Perez
DNC chairman Tom Perez showed up on Fox News Sunday to show the hypocrisy of the Democratic party when it comes to African-American issues while begging for the black vote to win elections.

EYE am posting this open letter to DNC Chair Tom Perez written by members of the Alabama State Democratic Party Executive Committee regarding the ongoing re-fighting of the Civil War and the Valentines Day Massacre in #SweetHomeAlabama and the battle between the DINO's and the Real Democrats.:

This whole saga started last August, when Jones led a failed coup of the Alabama Democratic Party during its election of officers, including an unsuccessful attempt to unseat Chairwoman Nancy Worley. Worley was the preferred choice of the Alabama Democratic Conference (ADC), which is known as the “black political caucus” of the state party.
Since then, formal challenges about that election were filed with the DNC, which is now attempting to force the state party to hold a new election of officers and drastically change the structure of the State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC) in a manner which would include less African Americans.
And then there is this, this, and this.

EYE am beginning to think the #DNC is trying to depress the black vote in #SweetHomeAlabama.

Alabama Issues with Janet May
1 hr

September 13, 2019

Mr. Tom Perez, Chairman
Democratic National Committee
430 South Capitol Street SE
Washington, DC 20003

Dear Mr. Perez:

The Chairwoman of the Alabama Democratic Party (ADP) Nancy Worley informed us recently that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has withheld State Partnership Program Funds from the ADP since August 2018. This seems very suspicious particularly since this occurred immediately following the re-election of the chairwoman and vice-chair of the ADP.

The record reflects that the ADP State Partnership Funds were allocated to us, like all other states, until the defeat of Senator Doug Jones’ candidates at the August 18, 2018 reorganization meeting of the State Democratic Executive Meeting (SDEC). The $120,000 that the DNC has deprived the ADP has prevented us from building an effective organization which could be very helpful in reelecting Senator Doug Jones and a good Democrat for president in 2020. It is abhorrent that we are compelled to write this letter on behalf of the Democratic voters in Alabama to get the DNC to release to us the same funds that all other states are receiving. Instead, however, there are those who want us to change our Bylaws to create a Diversity Caucus and manipulate the numbers to achieve unfair results because of a urinating contest between Senator Doug Jones and black Democratic leaders in Alabama over control of the ADP. You were drawn into this “shower,” by virtue of your position; this should not be. This demand on Alabama is not required of any other states. Except for the Vice President of Youth Affairs, Senator Doug Jones backed an all-white slate of officers for the SDEC when Blacks constitute 70% of the Democratic electorate in Alabama. They all lost. We should not be asked or expected to cooperate or accommodate racism to placate anyone. Your energy and influence should be focused on helping us increase the number of registered voters and voter turnout in the Democratic Party.

Blacks got their position in the ADP largely because whites left it. We should not be penalized for our loyalty. White voters should not resent blacks on the SDEC or disparage them publicly for insisting on fairness for everyone. It is incumbent upon all Democrats to recruit new Democrats daily, through their friends, their families, and common concerns.

In closing, we acknowledge your authority as DNC Chairman to achieve the outcome and results you desire through the committee system and perception. But the central question now must be is it fair? Please remember that the ADP, its officers and members are committed to carrying out the order of the Credentials Committee issued February 14, 2019. We are also equally steadfast in fulfilling our commitment to all minorities based on their strength in the Democratic electorate as the national rules require and our own bylaws respect. As members of the DNC, we appeal to you to insist that Alabama be treated the same way that all other states in the Democratic Party are treated. The Black voters in Alabama that you are challenging are Democrats too!

Be advised, the ADP is committed to ensuring that every minority group receives fair representation in all governing areas, but is not committed to any official, senator or otherwise, controlling the ADP. We believe that all states should recognize minorities based on their contribution to the Democratic Electorate.

The ADP is committed to carrying out the Credential Committee’s order issued February 14, 2019, but again, Alabama should not be judged by a different set of rules than other states. We are requesting you remit $120,000 to the Alabama Democratic Party immediately so we can move forward in building a strong Democratic Party in Alabama.


Janet May
DNC Committeewoman

Charlie Staten
DNC Committeeman

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