Sunday, December 22, 2019

This is what #PunishingTheBaseToSpiteYourFace looks like on the #DemocraticPartyPlantation in #SweetHomeAlabama

U.S. Sen. Doug Jones and state Rep. Chris England
U.S. Sen. Doug Jones, left, and state Rep. Chris England talk to the media after a faction of the State Democratic Executive Committee elected England as Alabama Democratic Party Chair on Nov. 2. Nancy Worley disputed the validity of the meeting and said she remained chair. But it was England who certified the party's candidates for the March 3 primary this week. (Mike Cason/

Regardless of the fact, there is a pending lawsuit over the leadership of the Alabama Democratic Party because the minority wants to rule the majority, the minority faction decided for the majority who will be on the ballot for the March primary.
The Democratic Party dispute is between factions backing England and Nancy Worley. England was elected to replace Worley as chair at a Nov. 2 meeting of the State Democratic Executive Committee.
Worley, who was first elected chair in 2013, maintains that meeting was not valid. She and her backers tried unsuccessfully to block the meeting with a lawsuit. The case is now with the Alabama Supreme Court, which has not ruled on Worley’s assertion that she remains the chair or whether the court has jurisdiction over the matter.
The Democratic National Committee recognizes England as party chair.
That's right (pun intended) the DNC recognizes the Minority faction over the traditional, loyal, Democratic base.  

So now we know for sure
“We not go let folk kick us around and dog us around and keep putting them back in office,” he charged from the podium. “We are not going to do that.”
Reed didn’t mention folk’s name. Didn’t have to.
Sen. Doug Jones has openly led an effort to re-boot the state party by booting Worley and re-writing party by-laws to make party leadership—the 250-member State Democratic Executive Committee (SDEC)—reflect a broader, younger swath of the state. He has been backed by the National Democratic Committee (DNC), which has withheld $10,000 a month in support funds since 2018 (“The party’s broke,” Reed says) and revoked the party leaders’ national credentials, and not yet approved the part’s delegate selection plan for the 2020 Democratic National Convention.
 No good deed goes unpunished.
Does Scher really believe that because it takes a right-of-center candidate like Doug Jones to get elected in Alabama, Democrats nationwide should shift their politics to the right and make Alabama politics the national standard? Scher may not realize it, but he is advocating that the Democratic Party reward its African-American voters by showing them that their interests, aspirations and lives don’t matter.
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