Tuesday, March 24, 2020

See, This is Why Republicans Are Unworthy of The Public Trust

Watch the mayor of Lake Worth Beach, Florida and the majority of the City Commissioners attempt to disrespect, marginalize and minimize fellow Commissioner Omari Hardy's legitimate concerns and see him speak truth to power

Let's recap  
This whole thing started when a request for an emergency meeting by Lake Worth Beach County Commissioner Omari Hardy was rejected.
Commissioner Omari Hardy wants the city to discontinue shutoffs of water and electric to city residents with derelict accounts during the crisis. Hardy is also calling for the city to pay employees’ out-of-pocket medical expenses related to the pandemic and allow paid leave for city workers if operations are curtailed or if they are parents who need to stay home with the school-age children.
But city officials say no special meeting is planned and pushed back on Hardy’s request.
Then comes the emergency power struggle
Hardy said that others on the commission have the approach in past emergencies of allowing Bornstein to “do whatever he wants to do.”
’What’s bothering me is that they are not going on record to give him broad power,” Hardy said. “They’re just refusing to do anything and creating a vacuum and licensing him to step into that with their silence and let him do whatever he thinks is right.”
“We should have been talking about this last week. We cut off people’s utilities this week and made them pay what could have been their last paycheck to us to turn their lights on.”
Triolo recessed the meeting in an unsuccessful attempt to get Hardy to stop talking.
“You’re done. You’re done,” Triolo told him. “Disrespectful.”
"Disrespectful" is code for watch how you talk to #Colonizers. 

It seems like this OVID19 crisis is shining a light on the difference between Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans only and the Democrats are the ones who care about the people.

Cue in Pray For Me

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