Friday, October 31, 2014

"When the Slave-Catcher Came to Town"

"Effects of Fugitive-Slave Law"
From Daniel J Sharfstein's The Invisible Line, which chronicles the sometimes brutal history of three families as they journey, over the course of generations, across American color lines.

Following in the footsteps of Blogger Field Negro , who awards Field Negro and House Negro status to those whose behavior merits the special designation, Eye (pun intended) am going to start calling out Slave Catcher behavior for those who merit the distinction.

What is a Slave Catcher you ask?  I turn the floor over to Field Negro:
You see a house Negro simply stayed in the house with massa, and he liked the house and everything in it. He would do everything to stay in the house, and would protect the house at all cost because he had a stake in it. It was where he lived, and it was where he found comfort. He would never speak against massa like the field Negroes, because he didn't want to risk losing all of that. But, even worse than the house Negro, was the slave catcher. This was the Negro who searched hardest to find us when we ran away. It was the slave catcher who the master would give the whip to tear into us when we stepped out of line. It was the slave catcher who ran right behind the blood hounds and in front of the master, when he thought one of us was hiding in the woods. It was the slave catcher who always did the master's most barbarous and sadistic deeds that even the master would not do. The slave catcher hated us even more than the master did. Who knows why? Maybe some sick demented sh#t in his past, maybe some psychological sickness that prevented him from wanting to be a part of something he has no control over. Or, a sick desire to be accepted by only those who didn't look like he does. Only the slave catcher and his shrink knows for sure.
So, here are my picks for Local, State, and National  Slave Catcher(s) of the Week:

Johnson High news conference

Reynard Jones was elected President, and Carlos Matthews  was elected Vice President of the J.O.Johnson PTSA by a vote of 21-2.  Neither of these persons has children attending J.O. Johnson,  nor are either J.O.Johnson Alums. Jones and Matthews are the Local Slave Catchers of the Week for enabling the  Coup d'etat of  the J.O.Johnson PTA.


Goldy(Trey) Brown III  earned the title of State Slave Catcher of the Week.  While we are fighting for the right for all children to have equal access to quality public schools, he is advocating for Charter Schools and privatizing public education

Charles Barkley Isn't Shedding  Light on the Black Communities Problems.  He is the Problem.  He is also the National Slave Catcher of the Week for enabling the media driven racial stereotyping of African Americans.

Eye HOPE all my readers have a happy and safe Halloween.


Anonymous said...

Barkley told the TRUTH! He is like many blacks that state facts and then the other side (you and others) call people like him a sell out Uncle Tom etc. When more of us think like me, Barkley, Cain,Cosby,Dr. Fisher,Tim Peaerson, Mia Love, Allen West,Guillory,things will be better but yet we continue to believe the lie that republicans and whites hate us.

Redeye said...

What truth did Barkley tell?

Mike Jones said...

Any black person that does not think that the Republicans are out to suppress their right to vote and generally disenfranchise them is gunning for a Darwin Award when the results come back to bite them in the ass.

Anonymous said...
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Redeye said...

Engaging in Internet trolling, including "concern trolling," tone-deaf racial trolling or any other form of trolling behavior will not be tolerated.