Monday, May 16, 2016

RedEye around #SweetHomeAlabama

#BlastFromThePast or is it?

#TheyMad because NBC Anchor Tom Brokaw slammed The University of Alabama at Ole Miss's graduation.  It was a joke people.  Well sorta....

#TheTrialOfTheCentury begins today as Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard (R.Auburn) goes on trial after being indicted by the Attorney General for 23 ethics violations.

#InJusticeBamaStyle  Speaking of Alabama's Attorney General, he dropped the charges against Madison Police Officer Eric Parker who partially paralyzed an Indian Grandfather. Now that he's been cleared of all charges, he vows to get his job back.  That's comforting.
"If the State will not even try to get a conviction when an act of police brutality is caught on video," he asked, "what chance is there for other victims?"

That's all for now.  EYE shall return.

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