Friday, May 20, 2016

A "Pattern of Behavior at #HCSBOE Meetings" Replay #TeachForAmerica #CapAndGown

Eleven Johnson High School students participated in the Cap and Gown Project's Northeast college tour and returned from their two-week trip on June 7. (Contributed by Huntsville City Schools)
You know the pattern.

EYE figured WARdynski and his "Cabinet" were going to be on the war path after the NAACP held an update on the Huntsville City Schools, which was attended by citizens from all over the city, in north Huntsville of all places.  The DOCS (Director of Community Spying) didn't come inside, but it was reported he was in the parking lot taking pictures.  But EYE digress.
Tuesday, a local NAACP-led meeting addressed community concerns about things like testing, teacher retention, financial transparency, and disapproval of Wardynski himself. They invited blogger and parent Russell Winn as guest speaker.
Although the DOCS didn't attend the meeting, word must have gotten back to WARdynski the Teach for America program was one of the topics of discussion because he rolled out a tax payer funded, media enabled, PR offensive (pun intended) that was condescending at best, exploitation of a student's circumstances at worst, to justify the program.
Dr. Wardynski often claims that our children only get one shot at their education. If he really believes this, why is he so willing to take a $1.7 million dollar chance on unqualified teachers? At best, TFA represents a huge investment for minimal gains in math. At worst, it represents a huge investment for significant losses in student achievement.
It represents a corporate experiment where TFA’ers learn to teach on other people’s kids.
If Wardynski wished to “prove” that TFAers are better, he could release the data from every TFAer across the district. But he refuses.
Former Johnson High School TFAer,  Christopher Scribner implemented  Cap and Gown, a TFA program designed to take students on college tours and ACT prep.  He is planning to expand the program to all Title 1 (predominately black/brown/poor) schools with the help of Wall Street.  In his presentation Scribner claimed  in 2013 8/110 grads from Johnson reported they were going to attend college.  That's strange, because according to ALSDE in 2012-2013 Johnson had 98 12th graders and 78% graduation rate or about 77 grads.

EYE don't have a problem with the Cap and Gown Program, EYE do have a problem with the exploitation of a tenth grade, Johnson High School , African American male's personal circumstances to promote a media driven positive image of WARdynski as the great White Savior, and,  a false negative image of North Huntsville as a community that needs WARdynski to take care of them.   Both of which are totally false.  EYE have to question if this young mans' parents gave permission for their personal circumstances to be put out there for the world to see/hear in such a manner?  

Yes, our tax dollars were at work on us big time last night.  The media was there to spread the compelling story of this young man's personal and painful family dynamics, the only thing missing was The World is a Ghetto playing in the background as he read eloquently  from a prepared script.

This is what a #hcsboe meeting looks like.  Every time ordinary citizens have a complaint, a well organizedpre planned, media enabled, defense is rolled out, complete with talking points, metal detectors, or worse.

You know the pattern,  EYE mean, drill.

Attend the school board meeting to address the board about a concern/complaint.

Sit patiently through unlimited presentations, resolutions, agenda items, etc.

The Superintendent and board goes into Executive Session to discuss agenda items.

The board comes out of Executive Session and votes on whatever they discussed behind closed doors. or not.

Citizens comments~ 3 minutes and not a second more.

The board is not required to answer questions or address concerns in public, the Superintendent threatens to quit rather than answer questions.

You leave feeling like you've been beaten, wondering why you wasted your time and gas in the first place.

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