Friday, April 6, 2012

The #HCSBOE Climate of Crony Capitalism Continues

Sigh.  Now we (taxpayers)  know why the Fletcher E. Seldon Progress Center just had to be closed,  and students ( tax dollars)  shipped off to a private, residential, drug treatment facility.  And no, It's not because the cost for the Pinnacle program is cheaper, nor because the Seldon Center was "not working". It had to be closed because The Broadway Group wanted to purchase  part of the property, which was sold to them for an undisclosed amount by the Board of Education last night.

This is how it went down..the sale of property on Holmes Avenue was on the work session agenda.  Since S. R. Butler High School, and The Fletcher E. Seldon Center, are the only properties owned by the district on Holmes Ave.,  we were left to assume the property is the Seldon Center. When that item is up on the agenda, the board votes to go into Executive Session and returns a few minutes with "no action taken", then  moved on to the next agenda item.  Note, Board policy allows taxpayers to ask questions during the work session.

Fast forward to the sale of property on Holmes Avenue under the new business session agenda.  The Board approves selling a portion of the Seldon Center to the Broadway Group for an undisclosed amount of our money.  Note, Board policy does not allow taxpayers to ask question during the business session.  So we don't know how much the property appraised for, or how much it was sold for.  I kid you not.

Smell the Crony Capitalism  yet?

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Mack Lyons said...

So, how much $$$ in kickbacks are certain school board members receiving for their role in this corporate panty raid courtesy of Broad?

Redeye said...

God ony knows because they sure aren't telling we the peeps.:)

havealittletalk said...

What is really a mystery is what is happening at Pinnacle right now. The first payment to Pinnacle was for $360,000 on January 20, 2012, according to the contract.

The thing is, Seldon is still open. It is delivering services to both students with disciplinary problems and to students recovering from illnesses or injuries who are not well enough to attend a full day at that regular school.

This second group will not have personal interaction with teachers under the Pinnacle contract. All will be done online (or by phone), except for standarized tests. They aren't worth spending money on, in other words.

Chaaa ching: ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER $750 to the teepees.

Redeye said...

Cha Ching: more tax dollars funneled tO a private entity.