Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stand Your Ground=Lose Your Life

I posted the grpahic above for those who like to claim the Trayvon Martin case is not about racist/racism.  But  let's take the race element out of it and just present the facts;
An unarmed, teenager was shot and killed by a community watch volunteer.  The parents weren't notified of his death until three days later.  The 911 tapes weren't released until national, media attention was bought to the case.  The person who killed the unarmed, teenager was not arrested and is currently missing.

Today's Must Reads

Stand Your Ground~In other words if you try to murder me and I fight back will your act of murder suddenly become an act of self defense?

DEAR WHITE FOLKS:  You Don't Know How Easy You Have It.~We aren't Trayvon Martin, We are George Zimmerman:  presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Reading while white: crime statistics~What ever White Americans do is normal.

8 Things White Parents Should Teach About Black People~Always remember there is a difference between a black neighborhood, a poor neighborhood and a bad neighborhood.

It Wasn't Just the Hoodie~Certainly skin privilege gave George Zimmerman some benefits at this moment.

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