Friday, May 27, 2016

"If this doesn’t get you on the #NeverTrump train, it’s hard to say what will."

Here's the deal.  If you support Donald Trump you support racism/bigotry and sexism.  There can be no more pretenses. EYE don't care how many black friends you work/play ball with. #OwnIt.
When you come to political rallies carrying signs of the president dressed as an African witch doctorwith a bone through his nose, or send around e-mails depicting the White House lawn covered in watermelons, or throw “ghetto parties” at your fraternity house, replete with blackf ace makeup, your claims of interracial camaraderie are not merely irrelevant to the suggestion that you just might be a racist, more to the point, they are blatant effing lies. The people who claim they have black friends and still do this kind of thing are liars, plain and simple. Every one of them. No exceptions.
H/T Mother Jones

"There isn’t much to say about this video mash-up of Donald Trump comments and 1960s civil rights protests. It speaks for itself in the starkest, most horrifying terms"

 #MakingAmericaGreatAgain My Donkey

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Gerald Parks said...

Now ...THAT is whats called "Make it plain! Make it Plain!"

Straight to the point chaser!

Nuff said!