Monday, May 9, 2016

Thanks to the #MSM, the #GOP can't even pretend to be the "Party of Lincoln" anymore #ReapingWhatYouSow

This is who they are

How often did cable news shows cut away from scheduled programming to show us a live Trump rally? Sometimes even interrupting a speech from another candidate? How often did morning news and Sunday shows allow Trump to literally “phone it in” from Trump Tower or his Mar-a-Lago estate instead of taking the trouble to visit a TV studio in person? Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have practically adopted him. Don’t be surprised if they broadcast live from “Fourth of July with the Trumps.”
Even last summer, when much of the media thought the Trump phenomenon might burn itself out or self-destruct because of his outrageous and incendiary statements, the media were still all Trump, all the time. There have been estimates that Trump received the equivalent of $2 billion in free media attention.
“It really is astonishing how the Republican Party operates in its own reality, where facts don’t matter and the truth is whatever they say it is. Eight years of barely disguised racism and partisan obstructionism justified by vague appeals to whatever “real conservatism” might be has left the Republican voter base furious at an establishment that is flagrantly disregarding the demands of their constituents and failing to fulfill their constitutional obligations. The Republican Party has made their own bed in the muck of ignorance and discrimination, and now they must watch as Donald Trump gleefully frolics in it
They (the GOP) have defined themselves for who/what they really are.  The Party of Racist/Bigoted/Sexism.

Happy now?

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~Chip :) said...

I suppose by now I should not be surprised by it, but I still am. Every single time.