Thursday, May 5, 2016

If this is true, EYE am through with the alleged Democratic #HumanShields in #SweetHomeAlabama

Rep. Alvin Holmes, D-Montgomery (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)
Alabama House Democrat threatens to expose colleagues’ affairs if Bentley impeached
Everyone knows the Mainstream Media was Tardy to the Party, and it was Social Media/Bloggers who first broke the Dr. Love / Freaky Becky story. The mainstream media's excuse was they didn't  have proof of the rumors, even though the elected Governor, and the De Facto Governor. were carrying on in plain sight.

Attorney Donald Watkins has been right on the money so far, so EYE have no reason to doubt him or his credibility, but if he is right about Joe Reed being a human shield for Governor Bentley... EYE am through with Joe Reed, Alvin Holmes, and The Alabama Democratic Conference. If what Donald Watkins is true, EYE apologize for ever defending any of them.  Regular readers, pick your teeth up off the floor.
Our Facebook news team has solved the Alvin Holmes-Robert Bentley human shield mystery. Holmes is a longtime political "puppet" of Alabama Democratic Conference Chairman Joe L. Reed and deceased Alabama Education Association Executive Secretary Paul Hubbert. Reed and Hubbert teamed up to help Bentley defeat Bradley Byrne in the 2010 Republican primary elections. Reed also privately supported Bentley in his 2014 election against Democratic gubernatorial nominee Parker Griffin. As a result, Bentley and Reed have developed a close personal friendship.
Away from public view, Reed functions as one of Bentley's trusted political advisors. In this undisclosed capacity, Reed works closely with Bentley and his chief legal counsel, David Byrne. Reed identifies "safe" blacks for Bentley to appoint to vacant judgeships and government boards, among other tasks.
With democrats like these,  who needs republicans?

EYE feel so betrayed.

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