Friday, November 8, 2019

The Alabama Democratic Minority Party may have won the battle but the war is far from over #PunishTheBaseToSpiteYourFace

Cue in Battle Hymn of the Republic

The first shots were fired in the Alabama Democratic Party Civil War when embattled Alabama Democratic Chairwoman Nancy L. Worley filed a lawsuit to block the minority from ruling the majority. Judge Gregg Griffin granted the TRO then the Minority(enabled by the DNC) scurried across the street to their friends on the Alabama Republican-controlled Supreme Court to stay the TRO which allowed them to form their own separate and unequal Alabama Democratic Party.

B-But it's not over.......
The motion for recusal asserts that Griffin has a close relationship with Joe Reed, the chair of the Democratic Party’s black caucus and a supporter of Worley.
Let me see if EYE have this right(pun intended), how can you complain about the judge being black when you had 6 out of 9 white Republican Supreme Court Justices reverse the black judges TRO?  EYE mean, really?

The traditional, loyal, democratic base is not going to the back of the bus without a fight.
“Those who think you got blacks in your pocket you better check your pocket because there’s a hole in it. We don’t have to vote for anybody.
“We don’t have to embrace those who kick us around,” he continued with a preacher’s crescendo. “Let the word go from this time and place: You can’t cuss the party during the day and beg from us at night.”
Stay tuned

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