Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Updated; I Weep for the Residents of Alabama's 7th Congressional district

What did the residents of the Alabama's 7th Congressional district to do deserve another wall street attorney who doesn't know their Donkey from a hole in the ground as their representative in congress? I mean really? The republicans and their neo liberal enablers just helped elect the worst democrat to congress. Don't ever let them tell you they have Alabama's best interests or the best interests of the 7th district at heart.

My worst fear has come to past. Republicans, enabled by the media (again) and the neo liberals (again) bought and paid for the only African American seat in congress (again). I'm sure they are patting themselves on the back and high fiving their "victory" this morning, but this is wrong on so many levels. For one thing it proves it's not about the people, it's about the money, the power and the influence. It's proof the residents of the 7th district didn't get to decide who represents them in congress (again).

How did the Alabama Democratic Party let this happen? Why did the Alabama Democratic party let this happen? How many members of Congress does Hoover need?
If and when Sewell has to cast votes on financial reform and job creation, will her instincts be those of Tuxedo Junction, or those of the brokers and bankers on Waterside Drive?
I am full of righteous anger this morning. As I've said before I don't live, work or vote in the 7th district, but I care about the 7th district. I care about the poverty and the despair and I care about who represents them in congress. Are they being punished for being poor? Are they being punished because they don't own flashy blogs? Are they being punished because they dared vote with HOPE for CHANGE we can believe in? What did they do to make them unworthy of effective LIBERAL representation in Congress?

Terri Sewell. I know you said:
service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth
When I go to Washington, we all go to Washington
But talk is cheap. I hope you live up to the words and legacy of my Sorority Sister and not the legacy of your predecessor who voted against health care reform, the hate crimes bill, resigned from the house judiciary committee to run for Governor and was an apologist for some racist actions. Shirley Chisholm was a true, proud LIBERAL who spoke truth to power, unbossed and unafraid.
As a freshman, Chisholm was assigned to the House Agricultural Committee. Given her urban district, she felt the placement was irrelevant to her constituents[2] and shocked many by asking for reassignment. She was then placed on the Veterans' Affairs Committee.[2] Soon after, she voted for Hale Boggs as House Majority Leader over John Conyers. As a reward for her support, Boggs assigned her to the much-prized Education and Labor Committee,[7] which was her preferred committee.[2] She was the third highest-ranking member of this committee when she retired from Congress.
All those Chisholm hired for her office were women, half of them black.[2] Chisholm said that during her New York legislative career, she had faced much more discrimination because she was a woman than because she was black.[2]
Terri Sewell, my big REDEYE will be trained on you like a laser beam. It's not about YOU, it's about the voters of the 7th district. I HOPE and PRAY you prove me wrong, not for MY sake, but for the sake of the the 7th district, our state and our country.

Proof Terri Sewell is not the Democratic nominee the people who live, work and vote in the 7th district want or need to deserve to represent them in Washington can be found in this thread from Left in Alabama.
We heard after the primary about how Dems rejected Davis because he didn't play to the base. Well that's all fine and good if you can win an election with just your base. Unfortunately, you can't, and I think that's where the state Dems are falling short. Until the folks on the left figure out that they're going to have to make some concessions to appeal to independents and even some (gasp!) moderate Republicans so that they can get a little bit of progressive in there, they'll get nothing accomplished. The far left liberal Dems are an endangered species in Alabama. You won't win an election on your own.

Be sure and read the comments;

I like Teri Sewell, too.
So far... Just wanted to get that out there.

See what I mean?
You like Terri Sewell and Artur Davis, but not Ron Sparks. (1.00 / 3)
Why am I not surprised? This is how the residents of the 7th district ended up with a wall street securities attorney with NO experience as the democratic nominee from the the only district President Obama carried in 2008. Republicans, enabled by the media and neo-liberals picked the Democratic nominee from the 7th district, not the people once again. That's messed up.

Jesus, save us from the conservatives/ republicans/moderates/independents/ progressive/neo-liberals. They know not what they do.

Why I weep for the people who actually live in CD 7

Better no experience in government
Than experience in government malpractice.

The voters spoke in the 7th CD runoff last week. Everyone who respects the process should accept that those voters weighed their alternatives and made the choice they deemed best for them.

And, Republicans were voting in the Republican gubernatorial runoff (along with all those Republican members of AEA) not in the Democratic runoff.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes.

This tepid brand of Democratic politics in Alabama mainly has to do with "those who call themselves Democrats," while REAL Democrats have to keep the faith.

When we see the posers, identified mainly by their acts, we can't go along.

Can a real Democrat ever vote for Bobby Bright...even as he runs unopposed by any real Democrat?

Keep reminding us of what REAL Democrats value and recognize.

Redeye said...

IF democrats were courageous, and I'm not saying they are, the would run an independent in the fall.