Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday oxyMorons

Rep. Dary Issa (r. CA) says the Obama administration is one of the most corrupt administrations in history.  What did the Obama administration do...take us to war based on DEAD WRONG intelligence to look for WMD that was NOT there without an exit plan? Did they raid the surplus to give the rich a tax cut? Did they out an undercover CIA agent? Did they spy on Americans without a warrant? Can't wait to see the proof of the Obama administrations corruption.

Rep. Jo Bonner (r.AL) takes house ethics chair. No comment necessary.

Sewell '86 ready to represent Selma...once she figures out her way around committe assignments.
Her political director, Terri Sharpley, explained that another important step is reaching out to local leadership in the district.

“One big project that we are working on right now is to have a series of policy roundtables throughout the district and invite the local leaders to come and to voice their concerns about what’s going on in their area and also see what source of ideas they have for how Terri can work cooperatively with them,” Sharpley said.

Alabama has two anti health care reform, anti repealing DADT representatives on the Armed Services Committee
Brooks said he had to apply for one of 13 openings on the Armed Services Committee, and that there were twice as many applicants. He said the process to secure a seat on Science and Technology was not as competitive.

U.S. Rep. Martha Roby, R-Montgomery, also won a seat on Armed Services, giving Alabama two freshman lawmakers on the committee.

Last week, U.S. Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon, R-Calif., was named as the new chair of Armed Services. And McKeon and Brooks might just have something in common.

On Wednesday, a week after being appointed chair, McKeon had already sent a letter attacking the agenda of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. McKeon complained that Pelosi appeared to place a higher priority on repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" than on passing the defense budget for fiscal year 2011. On Thursday, McKeon also announced the direction for the committee: "In the 112th Congress, I intend to place the Armed Services Committee on a war footing with a renewed focus on winning in Afghanistan."

I hope they know what they're doing...
Specifically, he said Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle helped lobby to secure the assignments, as did political fundraisers Linda Maynor, Joe Ritch and Joey Ceci. He mentioned several other community leaders with connections to Washington, including former Texas Congressman Bill Archer.

"We also had some assistance from (former) Congressman Bud Cramer," said Brooks. "He placed some calls."

Defense budget may be be more appealing target for cuts

A new Congress under pressure to cut spending and the federal deficit will likely make the defense budget a more appealing target for cuts in 2011 than it has been in years.
The withdrawal of troops in Iraq, the scheduled drawdown in Afghanistan and the rising costs of military health care and other programs add to the defense budget's allure for deficit hawks.

House to vote early on health care repeal as the number of uninsured Americans soars to 50 million

And what's the first thing the House GOP intends to do? Hold a vote on repealing the Affordable Care Act, because 50 million uninsured Americans isn't a crisis as far as they're concerned. The fact that ACORN ever existed, even though it is now defunct, now that's a crisis.

republicans put guy who hates dreams in charge of immigration

Can Blue Dog so called Democrats survive in the 112th Congress? No, look for them to cross the aisle.

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