Tuesday, May 12, 2015

RedEye's "Back to the future" Rundown

The Freedom Riders Then and Now

As a survivor of the domestic terrorism of the Civil Rights Movement, EYE think America is going back to the futureEYE don't know if the election of the first president who is black 
bought out the worst in some (not to be confused with all) white people, but if this is the result EYE fear Barack Hussein Obama will be the first and last president who is black of these United States of America.
 Today, a large part of the population remains willfully racist, [TEA PARTY] and by extension, a great number of people have also become unconsciously so, buying implicitly into stereotypes about Black Americans as dependent and lazy [MITT ROMNEY]; and thus determined to stop social programs [CRUZ] and limit the federal government’s influence [PAUL] — even if it is not to their own benefit. In a sense, much of the middle class population has been HOODWINKED into voting for the interests of the top one percent GOP because of their own unconscious prejudices.
FBI warning of of white supremacist infiltrating law enforcement nearly forgotten.   EYE wonder why?  Snark
In near prophetic fashion, after the FBI’s warning, white supremacy extremism in the U.S. increased, exponentially. From 2008 to 2014, the number of white supremacist groups, reportedly, grew from 149 to nearly a thousand, with no apparent abatement in their infiltration of law enforcement.
From the files of SWB (Shopping While Black) in Sweet Home Alabama
Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan recently had a run-in with a mall security guard in Opelika, Ala., and is claiming she was racially profiled. On Friday, Jordan was in Opelika to see Ginuwine perform, but both Jordan and Ginuwine were thrown out of the Auburn Mall because she wouldn’t remove her sunglasses, she says.
Meanwhile, there is some Strange Fruit in Georgia.
I don't know about the rest of you, but when I hear stories like the recent one about Roosevelt Champion, I get a little nervous.   
"A black man who'd recently been questioned in connection with the death of a white woman was found dead hanging from a tree Monday morning in rural Greensboro, Georgia, police said. Local and state investigators said there was nothing to immediately suggest foul play.
Adventures in double standards #Baltimore edition,  Because black folks.....
Riots led by largely white participants over largely innocuous things (your favorite sports team lost, your favorite sports team won, your favorite event just ended, you're drunk, others are drunk so let's tear sh*t up) are never treated with the racial disdain that the highly uncommon riots that occur in black communities receive.
There's no condemnation of white Americans as a whole, nor are there any calls for the Caucasian community to restrain itself and seek non-violent means of expressing itself. They're not denigrated as "thugs," accused of being "out of control" or used as fodder for unreconstructed fantasies of putting them back in their rightful place. Even the language becomes different - these are "disturbances," not "riots."  They're not "thugs," but "young party goers" and "revelers" who just happen to be "over-exuberant."
So much for HOPE for CHANGE we can believe in.


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