Sunday, May 24, 2015

"School Choice and the Fear of 'Those People" #EducationPolitics

walking the line
Rigid, compliant behavior is the main focus of many charter schools in poor neighborhoods. Photo Credit: via Compfight cc 

Please read this provocative and informative essay written by Brett Dickerson about charter schools in light of the bill passed by our red, republican controlled, state legislature.

“School Choice” is more about the deep fear of “those people” than proponents will admit. 
“Those people?” They are The They – the ones who you fear will corrupt your children if they sit in the same class with them.
“Those people” are the ones who just can’t wear the same uniform or school colors as your son or daughter, because, well, if they do, they and your kid may start thinking that they are peers.
Can’t have that.
Para quoting an old saying, know who is driving the wagon before you hitch your horse up to it.


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