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Forced Busing City Schools Style and Black Home Life vs White Home Life #hcsboe

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So, the prevailing sentiment of those in positions of power and influence  is them there "public housing" the DOJ is forcing to attend "white" schools will be the nail in the coffin for Huntsville City schools,  white parents are going to flee as fast as their legs can carry them to private schools because everyone knows black children don't want to learn because of their "home life", or lack thereof.  Forgive the run on sentence, but it's the only way EYE can express my disgust for this terrible situation.
Huntsville Board of Education President Laurie McCaulley said her goal is for every child who has been rezoned to "feel like they're at home" in their new school.
To that end, the desegregation plan requires the system to hold an extensive orientation program for reassigned students.
Teachers and principals will also get at least eight hours of cultural responsiveness training this summer, which McCaulley said is especially important for educators who have never been around students from public housing.
"Teachers need to understand that mom may have been working third shift, and her focus may not be as much on parenting as it is trying to survive," she said. "Some of these students have challenges getting up in the morning and having something to eat."
Housing authority CEO Michael Lundy said an orientation program is key to getting students from public housing off to a positive start in their new schools.
"Opening day should not be the first time our kids visit the school or meet some of their fellow students," Lundy said this week.
Yep, the School Board President,and the Housing Authority CEO are enabling media driven racial stereotyping as evidenced by comments like this:
So, the teachers are going to have to spend more time with children from public housing. This means that they will have less time with the other (white) students.  Therefore, the other students will soon be under performing as well.   Oh goody, now we will have a city of under performers.   Oh wait, we have private schools.   Huntsville new plan for public education will succeed in bringing  other kids down to the public housing level and private schools with a lot more students.  
And this:
Allow me to play Nostradamus and tell you how this will end. Project kids being forced to move will not fare any better at Huntsville High because their home life will not have changed. Morale and discipline will plummet. Parents who can afford it will move their kids to private school. Huntsville High spirals in the direction of Johnson as quality students and teachers flee. Property values in the HHS district fall as people gravitate to Grissom district. HHS becomes a dump and then Grissom is targeted for diversification. Left wing busybodies demand more money for failing schools after the "Montgomerization" or "Chattanogification" of Huntsville city schools is complete. And the beat goes on...
On the other hand, the new plan will be very successful in spreading bad attitudes, attendance problems, violence and a multitude of other problems throughout the city.
Why should students from public housing be treated differently than any other students?  But that's not what this post is about.   I want to debunk the media driven narrative of the lack of "home life" in the black community with three words.... The Dugger Family.

What  kind of "home life" teaches that it's acceptable to mock a grieving father for personal political gain? EYE am looking at you Ted Cruz.

What kind of home life teaches if you are poor and pregnant you are on your own?

What kind of home life teaches that black people are natural born lazy Thugs, thieves, and Welfare Queens because they are born black?

What kind of home life teaches that black people are less than human?

Instead of worrying about black home life, you need to be worrying about white home life.

Note:  Posting will be light due to technical issues and family obligations.  Will post when I can, in the meantime read on, read often.~RedEye

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