Thursday, August 13, 2015

No more #TrickleDownJustice #BlackLivesMatter

"Many observers are perplexed by the decision of some Black Lives Matter activists to twice disrupt attempted addresses by presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Well, I am not perplexed. The new generation of civil rights activists never accepted "trickle-down economics" from conservatives. Today they are rejecting "trickle-down justice" from the liberals" .~Van Jones on CNN

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Margherite said...

But what better platform for public engagement than Senator Sanders' rallies? Gotta start somewhere, and the likelihood of being dragged off in handcuffs is minimized by Sanders' political orientation, no matter how diluted by paternalistic progressivism.

To make civil rights the central issue in the next election is a huge undertaking. The trickle-down legacy of obamahaters, whether it has manifested in police shootings or destruction of voting rights or denial of medical care or re-segregation of crappy school systems must be addressed; and it must be addressed by the victims because it won't be addressed by the perpetrators.

I can't do much of anything except cheer and pray for their success, because the obamahaters have turned this country into a hellhole; my skintone is thus irrelevant.

That said, I would really like to see lawsuits resulting in multi-million dollar payouts for those lives lost to institutional brutality. Precedents exist in Baltimore. Ferguson should be next.