Monday, August 17, 2015

RedEYE made Mike's Blog Roundup!

Wow!  Just Wow!  What an honor.   Trickle Down Justice made Mikes Blog Round Up at Crooks and Liars.  Welcome Crooks and Liars Readers.  Don't be a stranger.

EYE want to make the following random observations about Bernie Sanders Supporters vs, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and  Julian Bond.

1. Has anyone but me noticed Sanders crowds don't look like the crowds that assembled to elect President Obama twice?

2. Has anyone but me noticed when African Americans unify and organize to fight injustice and oppression any protest are deemed rebellious, trouble making, by Slaves? 
Dear Bernie Sanders supporters,
Shut up and listen for once. When black women interrupt your candidate, don't call them "thugs." And when protesters hijack your hero's microphone to have their story heard, it doesn't mean they're paid provocateurs in some elaborate plot involving George Soros and Hillary Clinton. You know who else propagates wild conspiracy theories about George Soros funding left-wing protesters? Glenn Beck and Allen West. So congratulations, white progressives – your fanaticism for Bernie has turned you into the thing you hate.
3.  Has anyone but me noticed it's easier to attack the messenger because they can't attack the message?

4.  Has anyone but me noticed it's All Donald Trump All The Time, and All Hillary's   emails All The Time on TeeVee , but nary a word about the life, death, and legacy of Julian Bond?  EYE wonder why?
Julian Bond was a blunt, once in a generation civil rights icon who was not afraid to say what needed to be said even though he knew it would be controversial.
5.  Stupid is as Stupid does.  See graphic below.

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