Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Breaking News! "Activist Who Interrupted Bernie Were Shape-Shifting Reptilian Assassins from the 8th Dimension"

Fist Dap The Portland Intelligencer

Cue in music from the Twilight Zone

"We may never know the answer to this mystery. It may be that there is no right answer. Ultimately, it all comes down to what you truly believe in your heart. Would a couple of black women really show up and suggest that the progressive left has an unacknowledged streak of white supremacy? Would they really speak out-of-turn, as if to suggest that they have been on the receiving end of both brutal oppression and empty promises — two distinctly different, but equally pernicious, forms of racism — for five centuries, here, in the promised land of the free?

Or is it simpler to conclude that these were just a couple of Satan’s reptile-like shapeshifting alien assassins, fresh from the 8th dimension, sent here by Sarah Palin & Hillary Clinton & George Soros to prevent the best friend that the black community ever had from getting elected?"

Time will tell the truth.

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