Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Welcome the new additions to RedEye's Blog Roll!

Greetings Readers, Lurkers, Commentators and Others! EYE would like to take this opportunity to introduce to some, and welcome others, to the latest additions to my Blogroll.


Welcome Capitol Heel!  EYE am looking forward to you helping me keep an EYE on the Reddest State in the Union and our country! Love the graphic! 

Why Capitol Heel?
Many refer to politics as a “man’s sport” but it is our hope that Capitol Heel will lift up the accomplishments and stories of women who are working within our political system, while encouraging other women to become politically involved.
Through Capitol Heel we wish to provide a place where women can receive advice and also gain insight based on the experiences of women who are active within our systems as either advocates, campaign staffers, movement builders, or elected officials.
Welcome Larry Lee on Education!   Education is the HOPE of our Republic.  Thank  you for telling us what we need to know about what's going on in the Education field, locally, statewide, and nationally.
About Larry Lee
 My interest in public education began in 2008 when I ran the Center for Rural Alabama at the Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries. One project was a study of 10 high-poverty, high-performing rural schools. Two colleagues and I spent months trying to figure out why they did so well in the face of so many challenges. We drove 10,000 miles and interviewed more than 300 people in communities from one end of the state to the other. I went to more PTO meetings, Fall Festivals, Native American Days and other school and community gatherings than I will ever recall.
Welcome Strangers in a Strange Land!  You have earned your way onto my Favorite Blog/Blogger list, and it's not just because you of your critical thinking.
I am a small-town boy from Talladega, Alabama. I was born in 1965, so I’m either a young baby-boomer or an old Gen-Xer. After 12 years in Alabama’s mediocre public schools, I was lucky enough to score scholarship money to attend Birmingham-Southern College, where I acquired my interest in things political, and particularly the politics of Alabama. I majored in political science and worked as a researcher for a political polling firm run by my major professor and first great mentor, Natalie Davis. Studying liberal arts at BSC taught me to think critically. I attended law school at Alabama, but I remain an Auburn fan (see the critical thinking in action?).
Welcome to my Blog World!  Read on.  Read often. 

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