Thursday, June 23, 2016

EYE am trying to figure out how this "Make America White Again" thingy is supposed to work....

So, an independent (code for republiKlan) candidate for congress from Tennessee is vowing to "Make America White Again" if he's elected.  First of all, America was never all White, so EYE don't know where the again is coming from, unless he's talking about when the illegal Pilgrims illegally invaded America and stole the land from the original occupants, who were so not White.  But EYE digress.

If Trump and his followers are elected, how do they plan to make America White Again?  EYE mean, are they going to round up all the people of color and ship them back to Africa?  Or, are they going bring back slavery and force them to live on plantations and work for free?  If people of color are allowed to stay in America will they still have to pay taxes, or, will the government take care of them

Do they really think people of color are going to go willing, or are they planning to use military force? Which might be difficult, considering the number of active duty minorities currently serving in the military.

EYE am really trying to figure out what the Make America White Again plan is so EYE can be ready.

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