Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sidewalks/Streets/Subdivisions in Madison, AL are not safe for "really skinny" black/brown guys/gals

ERic Parker Trial
Madison Police Officer Eric Parker is back from leave and headed for active duty today after Madison's acting police chief decided he did not violate policy in the sidewalk stop and takedown of an Indian pedestrian that led to federal civil rights charges and international publicity.

Madison, AL Police Officer Eric Parker avoided a conviction after two mistrials.  In the first mistrial the black jurors refused to acquit, and in the second trial, the white jurors refused to acquit. Two strikes and you're out said the Federal Judge.

larry muncey

Indian grandfather's injury by Madison police officers prompts calls for cultural education

So now we know if someone calls and reports a really skinny black guy is walking around in the neighborhood acting suspiciously in Madison, AL it's within MPD policy to body slam said skinny black guy to the ground and partially paralyze them.

This is why EYE am #SittingDownWithColinKaepernic7

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