Monday, January 2, 2017

EYE have returned! "If you are scared then say you are scared"

So my annual mental health break is over and it's time to jump back on the Donkey and ride. EYE hoped the nightmare would be over by now, but that would mean the Electoral College put our country over their politics and refused to select The Trumpster.  EYE guess it's easier for them to pretend this is the #NewNormal because they sure can't handle the truth.  The fate of our democracy is now in the hands of Congress.  Will they, or won't they certify this farce? Time will tell the truth

EYE must admit EYE am afraid to blog, but EYE and more afraid not to blog with the media poised to be Trumps personal propaganda machine.  

Thank you, loyal readers, for continuing to read this blog.  Your support continues to amaze and humble me. EYE will continue to be a voice for the voiceless as long as EYE am allowed.

Remember, this is who and what they are"

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