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How dare #HCSBOE Reps Michelle Watkins And Pam Hill represent the wishes of their con·stit·u·ents

Huntsville City Schools Board of Education Representatives Michelle Watkins left, Pam Hill right

Long Sigh

 Here we go again.    

You know the drill.  

Elected officials who actually represent the wishes of their constituents are told to go along to get along or else the establishment will (as my Daddy used to say)  come down on them like a cow urinating (my word not his) on a flat rock
Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle issued a statement today to address the letters he sent to two Huntsville school board members, chastising them for their behavior at a recent board meeting.
"Last week, the Huntsville Board of education experienced a particularly contentious meeting, prompting a number of concerned calls to my office," Battle said in the letter, which was sent as an e-newsletter titled "Inspiring Confidence."
"I am concerned by the perception we are giving industry and our children," Battle continued. "City Hall does not attempt to interfere in the management of the City School System; however, as your mayor of this great city, it is my role to promote Huntsville, which means earning the confidence of incoming companies and families to trust our public schools with the education of their children."

On Friday, Battle sent what he called a "personal message" to Huntsville board members Michelle Watkins and Pam Hill. The letters, which were identical, were written on city letterhead, signed by Mayor Tommy Battle, and sent to the two elected officials at the school board office.
The letters said, among other things, that their behavior at the meeting "did not reflect the values we have established in our community."
EYE am still trying to figure out why Mayor Battle chose Women's History Day of all days to chastise two female elected officials for doing their jobs, and EYE have to wonder if he chastised their behavior for political gain
Two big-city Alabama mayors, viewed as popular candidates for statewide office someday, found themselves embroiled in local controversies this week.
But political observers in Alabama doubt that either Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle or Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson will face much backlash from their separate issues.
And as one observer noted, the incidences that have been viewed as missteps could turn out to be helpful in pumping up name recognition statewide.
"These two little blips are probably more beneficial than not," said Steve Flowers, a political columnist and commentator based out of Troy. "It gets their name out there. I don't think the average person cares if Tommy Battle got mad at a school board member. It looks like (to them) that he's doing his job."
EYE guess it depends on what the definition of the average person IS because this average person sees a sexist, paternalistic, bully.  
For Battle, an early poll among conservative voters has listed him high on a list of gubernatorial hopefuls. The Alabama Forestry Association, in a poll in August on the 2018 gubernatorial election had Battle trailing only behind former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore and current U.S. Senator Luther Strange.
Now if that doesn't scare the bejesus out of you EYE don't know what will.  It also explains why Alabama is stuck on stupid.  Politicians pander to concerned citizens aka conservative voters at the expense of everyone else, if you don't believe me the proof is the anonymous comment section.  

Concerned citizens like this:  Battle was right to chastise those 2 clowns.

Conservative voters like this:  Did you watch the board meeting? They were throwing a fit interrupting everyone about not getting an email that they did receive. Even when other members were trying to simply clarify what was going on they wouldn't let anyone get a full sentence out. It is one thing to decry dirty tricks, it is another to make them up because you aren't getting your way. They even eventually got their way once Wilder was able to get her questions answered. These two women are blatantly disrespectful every board meeting. You can disagree with people and not make a spectacle of yourself. It's no wonder there is (sic) discipline issues in the school if a woman like Pam Hill was teaching these kids for the past 20 years. I feel for any kid subjected to that kind of abuse.

Concerned citizens like this:  No matter what your belief, this was a public official meeting. The behavior demonstrated was embarrassing. Should the mayor have gotten involved? Probably not but shame on the other board members for not trying to put a stop to the childish display between the 2 individuals. If you want a cat fight, wait til after the meeting and meet in an alley.

Conservative voters like this:  Wow. that's a bit of a stretch! Out of the Mayor's letter, you pulled that he wants people to act like they are fixing problems but not actually fix them? The Mayor was very clear... when you are new to politics, you may not realize that the way you act in a meeting means something. Being "passionate" about an issue is great... being in charge of a meeting and losing control... not so much. Meetings have rules to keep people from doing what they did. If all meetings allowed for anyone to start losing their minds, nothing gets done and confidence in the system and in the elected members is eroded. The Mayor speaks for the City and if the City looks like a bunch of out out-of-control political newbies, he should say something. And he did. Good job Mayor Battle.

According to the white male dominated media enabled clueless consultants, Alabama voters are either stuck on stupid or suffer chronic amnesia. 
But Brown, along with Flowers, is doubtful the letter and the reaction to it will have a long-lasting impact.
"He's obviously very visible in the Huntsville media market, mayor for three terms now," said Brown. "If you have a crowded field, someone like that might take their regional base in the Huntsville metro area and do well enough there to acquire enough votes to make runoff."
Said Flowers: "If someone would read on that Battle had an argument with a school board member, my perception is that he's wanting to do a good job as mayor. It looks like he's doing a good job ... that he's interested in doing a good job as mayor."
Now EYE understand why #SweetHomeAlabama is the most conservative state in the nation. We have got to take our state back from conservative voters and Make Alabama Great  ...EYE won't say "again" because Alabama was never great in the first place.
Until the majority of the people of this state – the average, common workers and poor, impoverished workers – figure out that we’re all getting the shaft from the race-based, elite-aiding policies pushed by our lawmakers, we deserve exactly the job market and poor quality of life that such idiocy produces.
It’s time for a change that only we can bring.
Stop concerning yourself with whether an idea is “liberal” or “conservative.” Stop worrying if it was put forth by a Republican or a Democrat. Or if it’s a policy to aid *whisper* “the blacks.”
Instead, ask this simple question: is it a policy that helps me and people like me.
  Wake up everybody.  It is time to see a new day. It's time to stop electing people who pander to conservative voters.  We can start by seeking out real news sources where we the public can find real facts and not alternative facts.
There are more of us than there are of them.

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