Monday, March 31, 2014

The Slow Motion, Media Enabled, Lynching Of Commissioner Bob Harrison

An image from the Huntsville City Schools website.  It ought to be against the law to use the Huntsville City Schools official website for personal vendettas
Get the rope, light the torches.
 If it is…….Mr. Harrison started it by sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. I have a feeling Mr. Harrison is going to loose a lot of sleep in the near future. He better buy a big supply of anti-acid pills..he’s going to need it.
 big boy bob got a little dookie on his shoe
I wonder what Mr. Harrison will look like in a Orange Jump Suit. A pumpkin??
This is what happens when black elected officials try and represent their constituents, you know the people who elected them, they find themselves the victim of a media enabled legal lynching.
Dr. Wardynski said WAFF brought this matter to his attention – a matter that surfaced once we obtained a 2009 internal memo regarding an audit. The audit pre-dates Wardynski taking over as the head of Huntsville City Schools.
"The whole thing is unusual," said Wardysnki today, "that a county commissioner involves himself so personally in the operation of a school system."
Wardynski said the threat of withholding money damages the city reputation among prospective home buyers, and that prompted him to post the information about Harrison online. "This is of direct interest to the city system."
 Mr. Harrison, the old saying goes”you mess with the bull,and you get the horns”. You had this coming too you and you can’t blame anyone else, except yourself. It’s very obvious that you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
Commissioner Bob Harrison was reached for comment, but declined an interview, saying the audit speaks for itself. He also said this is an attempt by some to distract from what he is trying to do for the northwest community in the interest of children.
The City of Huntsville reviewed documentation and determined no action was needed. As for Huntsville City Schools, the district has already put the information in the hands of law enforcement.
Maybe this explains why District 1 School Board representative, Laurie McCaulley doesn't even try to represent the wishes of her constituents.  You know, the people who voted for and elected her twice.

How dare Commissioner Harrison and Councilman Showers do the job they were elected to do?  What makes them think they have the same rights and privileges as their white counterparts?

Superintendent Casey Wardynski was warned by any number of councilman and officials it would be a gargantuan mistake to rename Lee High School.

The current President of the Huntsville City Council was among the many elected officials and community leaders who tried to stop an active rock quarry from operating 2 miles from Madison County (not to confused with  City) schools.
Other elected officials speaking against the quarry were Mark Russell, president of Huntsville City Council, Madison County District 3 Commissioner Eddie Sisk, state Sen. Paul Sanford, state Sen. Shadrack McGill, state Rep. Wayne Johnson, Gurley Mayor Rob Sentell, Gurley Councilman Robert Wren.
Their concerns addressed environmental quality of Flint River and Hayes Nature Preserve, unsafe traffic with trucks crossing Norfolk Southern Railroad along a curve, heavy trucks sharing roads with school buses, air quality at two nearby schools and a lack of local governmental control of the quarry operation.
Nope, black officials are not supposed to represent the wishes of their constituents, they are supposed to STFU and STFD down like good little guys and gals, and let the government take care of them. 


Everyone knows this is the HCS latest media enabled Weapon of Mass Distractions from the real scandals, I mean issues, because let's face it, it's easier to talk about what happened in 2006 and 2009 than it is to talk about what's happened in 2011, 20122013,  and  what is happening 2014.  Contrary to popular belief, we the people aren't stupid. We know this is classic attack the messenger because you can't attack the message. This is what they do and who they are. Is it who they will always be?

The BOE and Wardynski are angry because they didn't get their way with the Department of Justice, they are trying their best to paint themselves as the good guys, and Bob Harrison as the bad guy, taking whatever shots they can to convince the public they are right and everyone else is wrong.   They don't want to bring all stakeholders to the table, they just want to be dictatorial in their decisions concerning northwest Huntsville.

Carry on.
 Two weeks ago, the superintendent boldly proclaimed that he was simply not going to communicate with people who are “a complete waste of [his] time.”  During a discussion of the superintendent’s goals for 2012-2013, some on the board suggested that the superintendent should be evaluated on his ability and willingness to communicate with the public. He told them that he wasn’t going to do that.
Here’s what he said:

I freely admit that there is people who I will not talk to anymore. They’re a complete waste of my time. I’ve talked to them until I’m blue in the face. I’ve got a lot to accomplish. I’m working seven days a week. Most time at night till ten o’clock. Uh, if my requirement is to answer every phone call, and everybody who calls me and emails me, no matter how many times and how ridiculous, uh, we’re gonna be in a job hunt.
It's not about Commissioner Bob Harrison. It's about keeping J.O.Johnson's name, desegregating the public schools, and making sure the location of the new north high school is safe for students, teachers, and support personnel to occupy.

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