Wednesday, April 5, 2017

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"When you elect a clown, expect a circus."  
If there ever was a phenomenon to be simultaneously amusing and depressing, this is it. It boggles the mind to even contemplate that this unhinged psychopath and common pervert is living in the same house that was at one time occupied by Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. The wheels have come off this country. This is going to end very badly, but I think I've already mentioned that. Pay it no mind.
You Think? 

#BlackWomenAtWork Week 2.  So former National Security Advisor Dr. Susan Rice is being bashed for doing her J-O-B.
It should be noted that a request to unmask one of these names only reveals that name to the person making the request, it does NOT make the name public.
And to be clear if Rice did make this request it was only because she was doing her job, and NOT because she was necessarily targeting Donald Trump and his associates.
However considering what we have learned since the election I am pretty upset that she WASN'T targeting Trump and his associates.
For her part Rice says she had nothing to do with the names becoming public:
“I leaked nothing to nobody,” she said.
Calling Colin Powell

BOOM!  EYE have to give it to the republicans, they like to blow stuff up.
There is no sugarcoating the fact that Gorsuch is getting a stolen seat. He will be a far-right justice for decades. He’s anti-choice, anti-environmental protection, against regulating money in politics, and hostile to voting rights. But what’s more worrisome to a liberal constitutional scholar like Levinson is what he says Trump and the GOP Senate will do as its followup: seat right-wingers across the federal judiciary. All they need is a simple majority in the Senate to do that—and they have it.
With democrats like this who needs republicans
What good are Democrats if they act just like Republicans? What good are black elected officials if they harm black people?
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