Monday, April 10, 2017

#SweetHomeAlabama State Senator Alvin Holmes points out the hypocrisy regarding Governor Bentley

Alabama State Senator Alvin Holmes (D.Montogmery)
According to The Alabama Political Reporter,  Senator Alvin Holmes (D-Montgomery) is defending Governor Robert Bentley's  (r. Tuscaloosa) right to have a side piece.  Although that makes for a provocative headline, the facts don't fit the narrative.  Holmes is so NOT defending Bentley, he is pointing out the hypocrisy.
Rep. Holmes said on the floor of the House, “I have been up here many many years and I know what every person has done and what they have not done. Now there is no law against having a girlfriend. Ain’t no law against having a girlfriend. And you bring an impeachment resolution concerning Governor Bentley? I am going to have an amendment and I am going to add 12 members of the Legislature names to it. For allegedly have done the same thing or things that are worse….and they Democrats and Republicans.
Sniff Sniff...there is more than a whiff of hypocrisy 
Holmes said, I am not going to vote for any impeachment resolution unless everybody is added to it. Everybody is going to be added to it. 
Attorney Donald Watkins seems to collaborate his claims.  According to Watkins, the state is being run by a cabal of side pieces. 
Sadly, the Bentley-Mason sex scandal has shown us ugly underbelly of politics in state government. Lobbyists, major corporations, mistresses, girlfriends, "escorts", “dark money” sponsors, and other power players have an icon-clad grip on the state of Alabama and they are running its business affairs. What is more, the mistresses, girlfriends, and "escorts" do not have to register as lobbyists. They only needed their man’s cell phone number and the correct hotel room number for the night. Their bedroom skills often enable them to run the daytime show and carry the night in Alabama.
It has been my observation over the years that a legislator’s alliance to voters and other concerned citizens is usually the first casualty of politics after he/she is sworn into office. Once they take office, many legislators cannot wait to get into the swing of things in Montgomery’s taxpayer-sponsored dens of sin and debauchery.
As Robert Bentley and Rebekah Mason have shown us, the art of sexual pleasure is the strongest form of power on Goat Hill.
EYE agree with Holmes, it's not about the side piece, it's about the alleged misuse of campaign funds and other resources to conduct and conceal the affair, and everyone involved in the cover up should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law just like former Governor Don Siegelman, former Birmingham mayor Larry Langford and all of the other democrats who were convicted for so-called crimes by republicans.  

It's time for all of them to go.

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