Sunday, January 7, 2018

Eye would like to thank the #Poorly Educated, the #ElectoralCollege, and #Congress for this #FireAndFury

EYE would like to thank Micheal Wolff for his courage.
Everyone around Donald Trump is too polite to Donald Trump. Democrats, foreign dignitaries, underlings… all of them. And the White House press is perhaps the worst offender. From the media pool playing along with Sarah Sanders during press conferences—conferences where Sanders openly lies and pisses on democracy—to access merchants like Maggie Haberman doling out Trump gossip like so many bread crumbs, too many reporters have been far too deferential to an administration that is brazenly racist, dysfunctional, and corrupt.

Toward the end of the count, Waters – who had campaigned for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign – pleaded for a senator to join her in objecting.
“Is there one United States senator who will join me in this letter of objection?” Waters said to boos from Republicans. None did.
As Waters began to speak, House Speaker Paul Ryan was seen seated behind Biden laughing at the overture.

Who is laughing now? 
A con man doesn't necessarily have to be very smart. All that is required is to be smarter than the targets of his con. Eight months into his presidency Donald Trump has provided proof positive that America is wrought with ignorance and epic stupidity. Look no further than his voter base to unearth evidence of the erosion of our national IQ.  

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Gerald Parks said...

Willful ignorance is not BLISSful ...just plain stupid!
And the "stupid" is strong in this bunch of "real" 'mericans!