Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Political Play of the Decade in #SweetHomeAlabama

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Former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Doug Jones 

EYE have to give whoever developed the current political strategy in #SweetHomeAlabama for being a political mastermind the likes of which EYE haven't seen since the late Lee Atwater.  If only they used their political genius to unite instead of divide and conquer Alabama would be free at last from Republican domination.

Worley argued, in part, that the election last year was challenged only because she won. She characterized the DNC’s demands on the state party to change its bylaws as an effort to take from black party members the ability to elect blacks to the State Democratic Executive Committee.
 The Alabama Democratic Party is amid a Civil War between the traditional democratic base and their white allies and the DNC enabled Doug Jones wing of the Alabama Democratic Party for control of the Black Block Vote.

What's down is up, what's up is down. The republican party is reaching out to black voters while the Alabama Democratic Party is trying to figure out how to get rid of them. It seems the Alabama Democratic Party is doing more than its fair share to ensure that Alabama remains a defacto one-party state under GOP dominance for decades to come. Sigh
Here's the deal, Democrats in #SweetHome Alabama need the Black Block Vote to get elected but they need the White Republican vote to stay elected.  EYE used to get mad when Republicans said Black voters were on the Democratic Plantation but now I see their point.  Black voters are expected to be seen and not heard and vote for who whites decide is electable.

If there was ever a time to prove that electability is a myth based on nothing but white supremacy, it’s with a president like Donald Trump whom left-leaning, sensible moderates would never cast a ballot for. Otherwise, the myth of electability ensures a future of old moderate white candidates who throw empty promises at black voters and are unwilling to take the bold steps that are needed to fight discrimination.But that’s how white supremacy works.
Let's recap:
This whole saga started when African Americans elected Doug Jones to the United States Senate. To be fair Doug Jones didn't ask for or even want our help but we knew what was at stake with the alternative plus he was running on the fact he prosecuted the killer of the Four Little Girls killed in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, AL.  We honestly thought he was the real deal.  Little did we know after the election he was going to throw the people who bought him to the party to the back of the party bus faster than a New York minute and pander to the right for political gain.  #MissionAccomplished white voters who don't want to vote for any of the Republican candidates for obvious reasons have their candidate in Doug Jones. Time will tell if enough whites will vote for him to make up for the Black block vote he threw away but EYE am betting it will because this is #SweetHomeAlabama.

But here is the Political Play of the Decade: For Democrats to have any realistic hopes of taking control of the U.S. Senate from Republicans they need to hold on to Jones seat. So control of the U.S. Senate is in the control of Alabama's Black block vote and we are damned if we vote for Doug Jones and damned if we don't.  

Ain't that a dip?

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