Monday, January 28, 2013

Rep. Mo Brooks (r. 05) bringing jobs to north Alabama!

NOT.  So, I log in to  facebook  tonight and people are asking wtf is wrong with the Alabama GOP Congressman who proposed a bill that would effectively kill the United States government?  I didn't need a picture to know they were talking about Mo Brooks.  That's right (pun intended),  the Congress Critter from the 5th district who has basically been the government for most of his adult life, wants to kill the government.  Sigh
It takes either someone with moxie, or an idiot, to propose what Mo Brooks, the Representative of Alabama’s 5th District, did on Monday. His proposal, the “Protecting America’s Solvency Act of 2013,” seems to have been written by someone who has no familiarity with American politics whatsoever and who has never taken a civics class.
Even worse, it would, in effect, eliminate the government’s ability to regulate virtually anything.
I vote for moxie.
Section 3, subsection (a)(4) of Brooks’ bill outlines how the measure would effectively prevent the government (both state and federal) from levying fines against companies which violate regulations. The provision reads in part: “No court of the United States or of any State may order any increase in taxes or other revenue measures…” A fine or penalty is defined by federal code as a revenue measure, which means that the government’s ability to levy fines or penalties against corporations which pollute, injure or kill people through negligence would be eliminated. Since these types of legal disputes are typically processed through the court system, this portion of the bill would immediately render both state and federal governments impotent should any issues arise. Another Deepwater Horizon? Couldn’t do anything about it. Someone wants to drill on federal land? There’d be nothing to stop them, and the government couldn’t even charge them for the right to do so. A private company’s huge oil rig plopped down 500 feet off of Miami Beach? That would be allowed, no problem, all thanks to this bill…should it pass.
Be sure and read the comments, here is a sample;
 If these republican asshats spent as much time passing job bills & actually doing the work of the people instead of coming up with these stupid laws the country would be in better shape. Stupid truly is as stupid does.
  The sad thing is that the people of Alabama will probably re-elect this idiot.
  SO! Since Alabama gets huge federal dollars to stay afloat, does this idiot think these corporations are going to keep the states going. Who is going to build roads, keep up the military etc., etc., etc. AMAZING!
The GOP now dominates politics in Alabama and plans to keep it that way.
 Idiocy and moxie – surely they are not mutually exclusive. It does seem, that the two are in full bloom in our government. One hopes it is the final purging of old, worn out ideas and people in government.
Keep HOPE alive y'all.
RedEye tiptoeing away from the computer shaking my head.

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