Monday, January 28, 2013

GOP dominates Politics in Alabama! YeeHaw!

 Montgomery Photo: First Confederate Flag, now flying over Alabama State Capitol
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I can't figure out of the Alabama GOP is bragging or complaining about their "domination" of Alabama politics  in a recent article on entitled;  GOP dominates politics in Alabama and plans to keep it that way.  Kind of sounds like they are bragging but....
 "I believe the days are coming that you are going to have to be a Republican, unless you are in a minority district," to get elected, said state Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh, R-Anniston.
In any event, the article confirmed my assertion the only way to get elected  in Sweet Home Alabama is run for office as a democrat in order to take advantage of the traditional democratic base, then govern as as a republican.  And you wonder why they are called politicians......
MONTGOMERY, Ala. — State Rep. Lynn Greer, of Rogersville, has been elected to office off and on since 1974.
He's in his fourth term in the Alabama House and spent nearly a decade on the Public Service Commission.
The Alabama Legislature begins its annual regular session on Feb. 5.  
He's now a Republican, but until the late 1980s he had a "D'' by his name like almost all of Alabama's elected leaders. Greer said his politics didn't change: He's always been conservative. "You basically had liberal Democrats, middle-of-the-road Democrats and conservative Democrats, which probably should have been Republicans," Greer said of his early political career.
He was not alone.
"If you were going to get elected, you had to run as a Democrat," said Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard, R-Auburn, a former chairman of the state GOP credited with orchestrating the Republicans' 2010 takeover of the state Legislature.
So, now that they have gerrymandered their way into dominance, and, since it's no way a democrat, strike that, a real democrat, can ever win, what does that mean for the Great State of Alabama?   Here is a preview......

Alabama will continue to be #1 in Football and dead last on everything else.

Why?  Because  in our rich southern heritage, culture trumps self interest
“They are very biblical down here.”
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