Friday, January 25, 2013

Republicans are stuck with, I mean on, stoopid~Edit

Either the Grand Old Party thinks we the people have amnesia, or, that we are stoopid.   Former Mississippi Governor,  Haley ( R. White Citizens Council) Barbour, and Louisiana Governor Bobby (R. Exorcism) Jindal are begging their party to STFU, I mean stop being stupid, as more white people mourn, and the RNC reelects the  man responsible for the mega losses the party suffered in the last election cycle.

Psst Haley and Bobby....too little, too late!  You see, it's a funny thing about words and actions, once they are spoken, or the act committed,  you can't take them back.

 Actions speak louder than words.  

Good luck with that re branding thingy.

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