Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Everybody Get Your Guns

 The answer to a petrified, mentally unstable country beset by increasingly ferocious gun massacres? Simple: Get more guns! ~Ben Cohen
After watching the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence on C-SPAN,  I've come to the conclusion it's more important for some people to acquire and own as many assault style weapons, and  high capacity magazine clips as they can afford, than public safety

As Chuck Todd pointed out on the Daily Rundown today, even some democratic senators care more about politics than policy.

 Everyone is arming up.

Victims who dare speak up are told to shut up and bury their child.

I wonder if Senate Judiciary member Jeff Sessions (r. Mobile) is aware of the latest incident of gun violence happening now in Sweet Home Alabama?
(Reuters) - A standoff continued on Wednesday with a gunman who boarded an Alabama school bus and fatally shot the driver before fleeing with a young child and holing up in an underground bunker, authorities said.

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