Monday, July 7, 2014

Redlining Public Education: How Huntsville City Schools excludes students based on where they live, then blames it on "housing patterns"

Yes, housing patterns  and "private choices" they created by paving over a generations educational legacy  in the name of urban renewal.
The Von Braun Center sits on land where Alabama A&M originated before it moved outside the city limits. The cemetery of the oldest African church in north Alabama lies deep beneath the hospital parking garage. There is a marker now for 5th Avenue School, Alabama's first public school to integrate peacefully, but the school and the African-American neighborhood across the street are long gone -- first to a housing project, and now to a boutiquey cluster of "artisan" apartments and fancy shops.
If you want your child to attend a successful school purchase a home in a successful school district.
 I purchased a home in the Jones Valley neighborhood of the elementary, middle an high schools that I wanted my children to attend. I need no government help. I did what I was supposed to do. I'm also not going to apologize for living in southeast Huntsville. It's where I was raised and where I raised my children. If you chose to live in north Huntsville, it's my understanding that the north Huntsville people feel that should give them the right to have their children go to which ever school that they wish. I just don't and won't understand black logic. I'm a bad person I guess. I'll shut up and listen to you geniuses.
Easier said than done.  The average home price in "successful school districts cost three times the amount of the average home in "failing school districts."  People live where they can afford to live, not where they choose to live.  If they can afford to pay $250,000 and up for a home, their children have access to the best public education their tax dollars can buy.  Those who can't, have access to the best "failing school" their tax dollars can buy.

 But that's OK,  blame life's unfairness  for the inequality. 
 "If there is unfairness, it is because life itself is unfair. The unfairness is not manmade," said Hugh McInnish, at-large member of the county's Republican Executive Committee.

Casey Wardynski is just doing the job he was hired to do, with the full support of the the board of education, the  Mayor,  the Huntsville/Madison Chamber of Commerce, the NAACP Defense Fund attorney, and some members of the Huntsville Council of  PTAs .
 Casey you have to break the mold and prove you're not afraid of minorities, democrats, liberals, aclu types and the entire entitlement crowd! Do that, and you'll be doing the job you were hired to do! Oh yeah, not to mention striking down all racial transfers. And that includes allowing not allowing whites to racially transfer either. If you don't like where your child goes to school, move to where they can be zoned into a school of your preference, that's what I had to do!
 "If people would just open their eyes and see what's really happening around here, they would be blown away," 
So, three paid groups making nearly $30,000,000 and the Superintendent’s inner circle.
There were no active classroom teachers involved in the decision.
There were no parents who were not employees of the district involved in the decision.
This decision was forced upon us all.
Does Judge Hiakala really expect this superintendent and his cabinet to mediate in good faith?  It's not like they haven't  betrayed the public trust and intimidated the public.
Though the board room was filled with spectators, no one was allowed to speak since the meeting was a special called one. Citizens will be able to offer their input at the board's July 17 meeting.
Housing patterns my Donkey.
Fifty years ago, Huntsville served as a role model for the state. In 1963, Gov. George Wallace ordered state troopers to block school doors in Huntsville, Birmingham, Mobile and Tuskegee. But after four days, Huntsville leaders sent the troopers away and peacefully became the first public system in Alabama to integrate.
Seven years later, a federal judge formally ended the city's dual system. For the next four decades the board has technically been working to eliminate traces of segregation.
But even if the Supreme Court has given up on fighting housing patterns, it's pretty clear that Huntsville doesn't know what to do about other inequities. And it's equally clear the feds don't know either.
I strongly disagree the feds don't know what to about other inequities.
The Justice Department did not file a full counter proposal, but did raise a few alternatives. The city could increase desegregation around Blossomwood and Five Points, sending more white students to Lee and more black students to Huntsville High.
"The District could redraw attendance boundaries so that three schools (Huntsville Middle, Chapman Middle, and Lee High) would achieve enrollments closely reflecting district-wide racial composition, and two other schools (Huntsville High and Jemison High) would experience significant desegregative benefits."
The Justice Department suggests zoning University Place Elementary and/or Montview Elementary for Huntsville Middle. They suggest zoning Monte Sano for Chapman Middle and Lee High.
There is no right way to do the wrong thing.
"We're not of a mind to negotiate with ourselves," said Wardynski. "My focus is on children, not on endlessly talking to the United States government."
See what EYE mean?
The DoJ can’t force people to live where they don’t want to live (yet), so it is basically saying that either Huntsville must engage in massive busing or… engage in massive busing.
Really guys and gals........ just how stupid to you think the U.S. Department of Justice IS?  I mean, really?


Anonymous said...

Again the TRUTH is in front of you but you refuse to see it. The failing schools are due to the failing students! The schools do not actually fail the students do! Why? Simple, MOST of them do not want to learn! Most would rather be in the streets living that life. The teachers at all schools North/South all have college degrees and are qualified to teach

The one persons comment is right. Why be mad at anyone who lives in the non failing school district. More of those parents are INVOLVED in their kids lives which in turn may play a role in their kid passing!! Once crime became rampant in North Huntsville "white flight" took place! The schools like Bulter and Johnson were mostly white until the mid 90's and they were passing schools!! They are now 90% black and fail. DO THE MATH!! Bulter was also a passing school before Columbia was built. The kids from the arsenal were moved to Columbia and again Butler failed!

This failure is happening all across America in black areas and people like you continue to blame everyone but the ones who need the blame! The parent, student etc is mostly to blame. I will agree that other minute factors are involved but in a small percentage. The over whelming reason again is the student and parent as to why North schools fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Redeye said...

If, and I say if, the failing schools are due to the failing students, are the students failing to learn, or are the teachers failing to teach? And why wouldn't MOST of THEM want to learn? Why would MOST rather be in the streets living that life?

I don't recall saying teachers at all schools North/South didn't have college degrees, but all are not certified teachers. Certified teachers are in South Huntsville Schools. Teach for America Teachers are in north Huntsville Schools.

No one is mad at anyone for living in a non failing school district, more of those parents are "involved" because they can afford to be involved, but it shouldn't matter, all school districts should be non failing because all parents pay taxes which fund all schools.

This failure is happening all across America in black areas because people like you continue to blame the victims. Parents pay taxes. Students attend school expecting to be taught. If they knew every thing they wouldn't need to go to school. If parents were going to teach them we wouldn't need teachers.

The over whelming reason again is those who are in charge of operating the district and being the instructional leader for all students have failed north schools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DrMrsMommyLee said...

I don't see how anyone could label an innocent child a failure. Every child is a blank canvas and is an opportunity for a successful future. To label the students in failing schools as failures is a failure of society. And you wonder whey these"failures" are running the streets, committing crimes, and throwing away their futures. They are simply living up to the expectations of those who thought they were failures anyway.

Redeye said...

"They are simply living up to the expectations of those who thought they were failures anyway. " Well said.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I made a valid point and you delete because you disagree lol.

I'll just say all the students who fail have FREE WILL to choose to do better no matter what their circumstances are!!! It is no ones fault but the student who is failing!!!!

Redeye said...

It's not "the student's fault" inexperienced, non certified, teachers are hired to replace experienced,certified teachers sent to "successful schools".

It's the "student's fault" AP classes aren't offered.

It's the students fault" their school is located less than half a mile from an active rock quarry.

It's not the students fault the superintendent and the BOE share the soft bigotry of low expectations and buy into the media driven negative racial stereotypes you express.

It's not the students fault the super and the BOE keep failing them in order to appease those who think like you.

Reed Thompson said...

I would add to your list RedEye. Students did not choose to born into poverty. Students did not choose to be born black or brown, meaning the odds are stacked against them even more. Students did not choose the class and race based mass incarceration and failed drug war that Michelle Alexander rightly calls the "new Jim Crow." Students did not choose to be born in an economy that is reaching record heights of inequality and failing the vast majority of us. Students didn't choose to enter an economy where wages have been stagnant since the 70s, benefits and rights to organize have been destroyed, and a college degree is a debt sentence. Those kids that some label as "failing" are human beings with talents and potential. What are we going to do about it?

Side note: PTA's came out to support the Wardysniki/BOE regime but I missed the part where they actually asked parents and teachers how they felt about it.