Friday, July 18, 2014

What if Huntsville City Schools looked like Downtown Huntsville on a Thursday Evening?
On my way to the Huntsville City Schools Board of Education work session last night I encountered droves of people headed towards downtown Huntsville 

This evening, the sidewalks and streets of downtown Huntsville were filled with thousands upon thousands of people out and about enjoying one of the biggest, most entertaining evenings the yet.
Several events including the Street Food Gathering, Greene Street Market, Thursday Night Bikes, Downtown Jam Session, Weeden House Museum Tour, the Downtown Arts Stroll and so much more came together to create "one of the most exciting Thursdays ever," according to Downtown Huntsville Inc. CEO Chad Emerson.
Yep, young, old, rich, poor, men,women, black/white/brown/red/yellow people of all religions, sexual orientation, and class, had equal access to spend their money at one of the most exciting Thursdays ever in downtown Huntsville.

It looked like One City, One Vision.   

Then I attended the school board work session, which was originally touted as an opportunity for citizens to comment on the desegregation case, and I thought, what if Huntsville City Schools looked like downtown Huntsville on a Thursday evening?  What if all children, regardless of their race, sex, or address, had equal access to the best public education their parents tax dollars could buy?

What a wonderful city it would be......


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