Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Know Justice, Know Peace...

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I hate to sound cynical, but I have no confidence in the justice system when it comes to African Americans. When it comes to us, justice is either a 50/50 crap shoot, or down right elusive.  The case may not turn on facts or truth, but on relationships.  And therein lies the problem with the court ordered mediation,  and the current legal matters pending before the court regarding the desegregation of the Huntsville City School system.
"The Court strongly suspects that the district has chosen not to share many of the reasons for the choices that it made as it shaped its student assignment plan. The Court got a glimpse into the superintendent's thinking when the United States's cross-examined him about his objections to the government's rezoning proposals. When asked whether Hereford (Elementary) students would not benefit from attending Huntsville High, the superintendent, in an unguarded moment, replied '[t]hey [would] be going into schools that are not accustomed to dealing with students who are below grade level.'
Damn the courts,  HCS superintendent Casey Wardynski is going full speed ahead with his plans with a military, take no prisoners attitude,  just like The New Captain Bligh on the New Ship of Fools.  
Casey you have to break the mold and prove you're not afraid of minorities, democrats, liberals, aclu (sic) types and the entire entitlement crowd! Do that, and you'll be doing the job you were hired to do! Oh yeah, not to mention striking down all racial transfers. And that includes allowing not allowing whites to racially transfer either. If you don't like where your child goes to school, move to where they can be zoned into a school of your preference, that's what I had to do!
This superintendent and this board can dish it out but they can't take it.  They like to throw rocks and hide their handsThat was why they instigated a new policy of requiring all questions from the public during the work session part of the meeting to be submitted in writing (that they then refused to read out loud).

It has come to my attention that in addition to the new north middle/high school being located less than half a mile from an active rock quarry, it backs up to a huge drainage ditch that students will have to cross to access the school.
The only reason a new school is being built in north Huntsville is because is because south Huntsville wanted a new school.  What south Huntsville wants, south Huntsville gets. Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge south Huntsville  for getting a new school, or for getting to keep their name, I just don't believe it should be at the expense of the lives of north Huntsville students and staff. 

No justice, no peace.


Brian said...

J.O. Johnson has drainage ditch issues as well. There is one drainage ditch that runs along the northern and western edges of the baseball field. This ditch continues and runs between the parking lot and the football field and running track. It then meets another drainage ditch that runs along the southern edge of the campus.

These ditches do have a couple of bridges for people to cross over them.

Many of the schools in Huntsville have drainage ditches that border or run through the campuses. Columbia and Grissom High Schools, UAH, Alabama A&M, Challenger Middle School, Mountain Gap Elementary, to name a few.

Redeye said...

Are Columbia, Grissom, UAH, Alabama A&M, Challenger Middle School, Mountain Gap Elementary School, to name few also located less than half a mile from an active rock quarry?

Anonymous said...

No they are not but they are also not located around the corner from weekly shootings or gun fire!!!

Redeye said...

They are also not located less than half a mile from an active rock quarry. And weekly shootings and gun fire are happening all over town, with the exception of one area.