Monday, March 30, 2015

Who knew Shaq O'Neal was #14 on the list of 100 Most Influential African-American Republicans?

For the record, a black person being a republican is like a Turkey being for Thanksgiving IMHO.  Never the less, there are some who just can't help themselves as evidenced by the list of the 100 most influential African-American Republicans, according to Newsmax.
"Probably the biggest comment they have on the (website is) 'You mean there are 100 of them,"
Most on the list were the usual suspects Herman Cain, Artur Davis, Tim Scott, Condolezza Rice, Alan Keys, Colin Powell, and of course Ben Carson.  But there were some surprises too,  Who knew L.L. Cool J, James Earl Jones, and Shaq O'Neal were Sellouts, I mean among the 100 Most Influential Black Republicans?  My first clue should have been when Shaq endorsed Chris Christie for Governor.

Have They No Shame?
 Again, the  reason I oppose the republican party has nothing to do with me being a democrat, and I don't oppose republicans just to support democrats.  I oppose republicans because the people who perpetrated the 16th Street Baptist Church bombings and other terrorist acts joined the GOP.
Do You Know the Four Little Girls Names?

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